WhatsApp Business API

Engage your customers and explore how your business can make the most of Whatsapp using the Business API. Use WhatsApp for the following:

  • Scalability
    Have the ability to add multiple numbers with ease and get to message thousands of unique customers daily. 
  • Template Messages
    Create templated messages to standardize business-initiated conversations that can be sent multiple times.
  • Interactive Flows
    Use WhatsApp API for a more robust and interactive user experience. 
  • Broadcast Messages
    Expand your brand reach and presence by sending campaigns to a wide audience.

The section includes topics on:

WhatsApp Scope and Walkthrough
Set Up
Adding A New Number
Pricing and Billing

However, if what you're searching for is not part of this guide, don't hesitate to contact your Dashboard Administrator or Convrs representative.

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