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Grow your business and amplify sales

Expand brand reach and turn up conversion rates with Convrs features built for Sales
Features - connecting customers to business by messaging

Omnichannel Live Chat
Offer multiple contact options on your website. Allow your customers to reach you via their preferred messaging channels such as popular messaging apps, web chat, or SMS.
WhatsApp Outbound Messaging
Do proactive outreach and initiate conversations with your prospects and customers. With the Convrs solution, you don’t have to wait for customers to message first to connect with them.
Real-Time Translations
Engage in multilingual conversations with customers across the globe anytime, with ease. Built-in the platform dashboard, agents can send and receive translated messages in an instant.
Onboarding via Messaging Apps
Reduce drop-offs caused by the tedious filling out of forms that tend to discourage prospects from completing the sign-up process. Automate your existing demo-sign up process with Convrs and convert your website visitors into actual customers!
Get highly intuitive and functional chatbots with Convrs. We build chatbots based on your business needs and help you fulfill them through smart automation.
Single Sign-On
Single Sign-On (SSO) for the Convrs platform is available via Google or Okta. Enjoy a frictionless sign-in process for a smooth and efficient day-to-day workflow.

Deliver top-notch customer service and experiences

Enable faster turnaround times and more efficient message and data management with Convrs features built for Customer Service
Features - connecting customers to business by messaging

Omnichannel Inbox
Manage all client conversations across different messaging apps, SMS, and web chat from your centralized Convrs omnichannel inbox.
Chat Routing
Automatically send different messages straight to the assigned teams or agents.
Flow Builder
Set custom flows to your chatbots for automation that serves your business units best. Set flows for data capture, push notifications, self-service functions, and more.
Agent Supervision and Transfer
Supervise and oversee client-agent conversations within the Convrs dashboard through the Manager's access rights. Managers can also transfer chats to other agents or retrieve conversation transcripts as needed.
Access Control
Set, manage and monitor all users’ account accesses, permissions and roles all from the dashboard.
Chat History
Access completely documented chat histories of both agents and users for monitoring and compliance.
CRM Integration
With the Convrs API, integrate the Convrs Omnichannel Platform with your existing CRM software for in-sync database and operations across business units.
Insights & Reports
Monitor agent and team performance with dashboard insights and generate reports designed to help your business units keep track of important metrics and user data.
GDPR-Compliant Messaging
Leverage the power of messaging apps securely and worry-free. All client-agent conversations across available messaging channels within Convrs are consolidated and logged for easy supervision and compliance monitoring.

Boost marketing communications and brand impact

Supercharge customer engagement and acquisition with Convrs features built for Marketing
Features - connecting customers to business by messaging

Personalized Content
Build a stronger brand presence by sending personalized content to customers through popular messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Telegram.
Broadcast Messaging
Easily and efficiently send messages in bulk via WhatsApp or SMS. Create message campaigns and schedule them for broadcast via the Convrs dashoard.
Customer drop-off re-engagement
With customers tending to drop off at certain stages of the journey, Convrs allows API integration to automate the sending of WhatsApp messages designed to re-engage customers and encourage them to proceed with their customer journey.

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