Use the Flow Builder to Create Custom Flows for Your AI Chatbots

Maximize efficiency while driving exceptional user experiences. Automate processes and optimize customer interactions.

Build chatbot flows

Build your own chatbots and enable workflow automation–no coding required

Set up your AI chatbots to address specific business needs and goals. Go beyond basic automation with deep integrations through logic blocks that enable more intricate and custom messaging flows and chatbot automation.

Enhance AI chatbot capabilities with custom flows tailored to your business needs

Powered by logic blocks, the Flow Builder lets you customize AI chatbot functions and conversation flows to reduce manual tasks and boost efficiency with more streamlined processes. Allow technology to work for you instead of having agents on the frontlines outright. With a custom AI chatbot, you can easily collect information from your customers, connect those to your database, automate tasks, streamline processes, and more!

Flowbuilder building chat flows for your custom business needs

Enable instant customer support

Having FAQs on company websites is a standard. But having answers to these questions available via AI chatbots? We say it's a step forward as it supports the customers' preference for taking the quickest route to what they need. Incorporate answers to FAQs through your AI chatbot and deliver customer support quickly and easily.

But it doesn’t stop there. While FAQs are standard, our AI chatbots take it a step further, providing instant responses and solutions. Tailored to understand and address unique queries, these chatbots not only answer common questions but also engage in dynamic conversations. This instant support ensures your customers get the assistance they need precisely when they need it, creating a seamless and efficient customer support experience. Elevate your customer interactions with speed, accuracy, and a touch of personalized service.

Flow builder answering frequently asked questions

Route chats straight to the right teams and agents

Imagine having a concierge, but without a human manning it. No wasted man hours, just smart technology doing its magic.

With our intuitive chatbot builder, you can customize your chat routing variables accordingly. Whether it's based on the nature of support required, language preferences, or specific messaging channels, the Flow Builder empowers you to set these intricacies. Ensure that every message lands exactly where it needs to, enhancing efficiency and providing a smoother experience for both your teams and your customers.

Flow builer automatically routing chats to the correct agent

Boost customer experience by making self-service available

Enable self-service by automatically taking in data, processing it, pulling information from internal systems, pushing them to customers, and performing actions deeply integrated in your business. With such functions available for configuring as you wish, customers will have the freedom to perform tasks or complete actions in their own time, without human intervention that could add up to turnaround times.

Convrs flowbuilder enabling self service

Integrate seamlessly with Salesforce

Connect your CRM solution with the Convrs Omnichannel Messaging Platform
Convrs flow builder connecting to CRM's such as Salesforce

Available messaging channels

Apply your custom flows to your preferred messaging channels
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Omnichannel Messaging

Get started with the Flow Builder in no time

How it works
Flow Builder - Identify desired chat bot process flow
1Identify desired process flows

Keeping your goals in mind, identify the purpose of your AI chatbots, the required conversation flows, and the messaging channels where you want them active.

Flow Builder - get the Convrs team to set it up
2Team Convrs setup

Our team of experts will collaborate with you to tailor the AI chatbot flows to your unique needs, ensuring they align with your goals.

Flow Builder - now deploy your AI chatbot
3Deployment of AI chatbots

All AI chatbots will be set live in your preferred messaging channels, ready and available at the frontlines 24/7.

Simplify and optimize your workflows. Enable chatbot automation tailored to your business needs with the Flow Builder.

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