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Using messaging apps for improving sales

Amplify your sales with the power of messaging apps

Maximize opportunities with the right tools from Convrs
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1Expand sales reach

Our solutions enable sales teams to proactively engage prospects and customers via popular messaging apps — beyond traditional channels that no longer work.

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2Grow and manage leads

Capture data provided by interested prospects and automatically assign incoming chats or messages to a sales agent for handling.

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3Automate account sign-ups

Have your prospects easily sign up inside messaging apps for a hassle-free experience and finally do away with manually filled-out forms that scare them off.

Meet your potential customers where they are

Recent reports show a 110% increase in consumers who use social messaging to contact businesses — a huge leap in just a year! And with almost 6 billion global active users monthly from just the top 5 messaging apps as of 2022, this new-age messaging channel proves to be where consumers are today.

With Convrs, we help companies leverage this opportunity:

  • Omnichannel Live Chat

    Reach customers more effectively by enabling omnichannel messaging and offering multiple contact options including messaging apps, web chat, and SMS

  • Omnichannel Inbox

    Cut through the noise and engage customers in conversations via messaging apps, where messages are 35 times more likely to be opened versus emails

  • Push Messaging

    Maximize brand presence and impact by publishing personalized content through your customers’ messaging channels of choice

Sales - connecting customers to business by messaging

Reach out to and initiate conversations with prospects

With the Convrs WhatsApp Business (Official API) Solution, you don’t have to wait for consumers to message you first to be able to connect with them.

Don’t let sales leads fall through the cracks. Follow up and follow through quickly by reaching out to prospects proactively via WhatsApp. Boost conversions and achieve your targets with Convrs.

Sales - connecting customers to business by messaging

Make customer onboarding a breeze by offering sign-ups via messaging apps

Anything complex can lead to massive customer dropouts. Banking on the power and huge user base of messaging apps, Convrs enables businesses to offer highly functional self-service to their consumers through automation and custom chatbots via messaging apps. This enables businesses to offer a smooth and hassle-free account creation or demo sign-up experience, among others, minimizing the risk of customer dropouts.

Sales - connecting customers to business by messaging

Automate data processing, lead generation, and more

Let your online helpdesk run 24/7 with reduced human capital. With Convrs, you can set custom conversations and processing flows to your chatbots based on your business needs.

Here are some of the highly popular and effective automation we can help you with:

  • Make answers to frequently asked questions available in an instant
  • Qualify sales leads

  • Connect data to your back office

  • Route messages to the right team or agent

  • Push personalized content

Sales - connecting customers to business by messaging

Expand markets by engaging in multilingual conversations

Never let the language barrier stop you from catering to more customers across the globe ever again. With Real-Time Translations integrated in the Convrs Omnichannel Platform, agents can easily engage in live chat with customers no matter the language by sending and receiving translated messages in an instant, anytime.

Sales - connecting customers to business by messaging

Re-engage inactive customers with personalized content

With customers tending to drop off at certain stages of the journey, Convrs allows API integration to automate the sending of messages via your customers’ messaging apps of choice.

Boost your brand presence, re-engage customers, and convince them to move forward with their journey with your brand, and develop customer relationships by pushing personlized content at scale with Convrs.

Sales - connecting customers to business by messaging

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