Boost Lead Generation and Conversions with Messaging Apps

Maximize your sales potential and keep your customers coming back for more with Convrs for Sales. Close more deals and build lasting relationships with your clients with smart omnichannel messaging solutions from Convrs.

Boosting sales and conversions through omnichannel messaging solutions powered by Convrs.

Amplify your sales with the power of messaging apps

Unlock the potential for higher sales with Convrs' smart messaging tools. Our platform empowers you to engage customers effectively, maximize conversion opportunities, and streamline your sales process. Discover how messaging apps can transform your sales strategy.
Sales Work
1Expand your sales reach

Convrs empowers sales teams to proactively engage with prospects and customers through popular messaging apps. Say goodbye to traditional channels that no longer deliver results. Extend your brand's reach and connect where your audience prefers.

Sales Work
2Increase sales leads

Streamline your lead management process. Efficiently capture contact information from interested prospects and automatically route chats or messages to your dedicated sales agent for swift handling.

Sales Work
3Drive up conversions

No more complex forms that deter prospects. Simplify the sign-up process by allowing prospects to easily subscribe within messaging apps. This hassle-free experience boosts conversions and ensures a smooth customer journey.

Captivate more customers with broadcast messaging

With the WhatsApp Business API and SMS capabilities, you can efficiently send promotional messages to a vast audience all at once.

Here's why broadcast messaging is a game-changer for your sales strategy:

  • Instant Reach to Masses

    Reach thousands of potential customers instantly, ensuring your message doesn't go unnoticed.

  • High Open Rates

    Benefit from WhatsApp and SMS' impressive open rate of 98%, ensuring your promotions are seen.

  • Engage Effectively

    Use this platform to inform your audience about hard-to-resist offers, discounts, new product updates, and launches.

  • Personalized Touch

    Tailor your messages to specific customer segments for more personalized engagement.

  • Boost Conversions

    Drive higher conversions by scaling one-to-one conversations, delivering targeted and compelling messages directly to each potential and existing customer.

Engaging a huge audience with marketing messages through WhatsApp Broadcast Messaging powered by the Convrs WhatsApp Business API.

Connect with your customers where they are

Recent reports reveal a remarkable 110% surge in consumers who use social messaging to contact businesses. This trend is not a surprise though, considering the billions of active monthly users of messaging apps worldwide.

At Convrs, we empower businesses to harness the immense potential of this new-age messaging channel:

  • Omnichannel Live Chat

    Enhance customer engagement by offering a variety of contact options, including messaging apps, SMS, and web chat.

  • Omnichannel Inbox

    Efficiently manage all your messaging interactions from various messaging apps in just one centralized inbox.

  • Omnichannel Messaging

    Cut through the noise and engage customers in conversations via messaging apps, where messages are 35 times more likely to be opened versus emails.

The Convrs Omnichannel Live Chat used on a website to connect with customers via WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram, LINE, Viber, SMS, and web chat.

Reach out proactively and initiate conversations with prospects

When it comes to connecting with your potential customers, Convrs offers a distinct advantage. Unlike other messaging apps that require customers to initiate contact, our WhatsApp Business API and SMS integration allow you to take the lead.

Say goodbye to missed sales opportunities. With Convrs, you can proactively reach out to prospects via WhatsApp or SMS, ensuring timely follow-ups and efficient communication. This proactive approach not only helps you boost conversions but also positions you to achieve your sales targets effectively.

An agent initiating a conversation with a prospect or customer using Proactive Outbound Messaging via WhatsApp or SMS.

Simplify customer onboarding with messaging app sign-ups

Complex and lengthy onboarding processes often result in high customer dropout rates. Leveraging the expansive reach and user base of messaging apps, Convrs empowers businesses to streamline the customer onboarding journey through automation and custom chatbots within messaging apps. This approach enables businesses to offer a seamless and user-friendly account creation or demo sign-up experience, among other functionalities, significantly reducing the risk of customer dropouts.

By embracing messaging apps as a channel for customer onboarding, you can enhance the efficiency of your processes, reduce friction in the customer journey, and ultimately drive higher user adoption and satisfaction.

The customer onboarding process carried out conveniently via a messaging app.

Streamline lead generation, data processing, and more

Elevate your online customer support to a whole new level, with the advantage of 24/7 availability and reduced reliance on human resources. Convrs empowers you to automate critical processes with custom chatbots interactions tailored to your unique business requirements.

Discover the extensive automation capabilities we can help you with:

  • Instant FAQs

    Provide immediate answers to frequently asked questions, enhancing customer satisfaction and efficiency.

  • Sales Lead Qualification

    Sales Lead Qualification - Automatically identify and qualify potential sales leads, ensuring you never miss out on valuable opportunities.

  • Smooth Data Integration

    Smooth Data Integration - Seamlessly connect incoming data to your back-office systems, optimizing information management.

  • Efficient Message Routing

    Direct incoming messages to the right teams or agents, improving response times and overall service quality.

  • Personalized Content Delivery

    Send relevant and personalized content to your audience, creating engaging and meaningful interactions.

Enabling automation powered by chatbots for more efficient lead generation and lead processing.

Broaden your global reach with multilingual conversations

Break down the language barrier and unlock new opportunities to connect with customers worldwide. Convrs' Omnichannel Messaging Platform features Real-Time Translation, empowering your agents to engage in live chat with customers, regardless of language differences. Seamlessly send and receive translated messages in real-time, ensuring efficient communication and effective engagement with a diverse, global audience.

By eliminating language barriers, you can confidently expand your market reach and cater to a more diverse customer base, fostering meaningful connections and driving international growth.

An agent and customer engaging in multilingual conversations with the help of real-time translation from Convrs.

Re-engage inactive customers with automated messaging

In today's dynamic market, customers may disengage at various points in their journey. Convrs offers seamless API integration to automate message delivery via your customers' preferred messaging apps.

Enhance your brand's visibility, reignite customer interest, and inspire them to resume their journey with your brand. With Convrs, you can efficiently deliver personalized content at scale, effectively reconnecting with inactive customers and encouraging them to take meaningful actions.

Messages are sent automatically based on customer journey triggers to re-engage inactive customers.

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