WhatsApp for Estate Agency Marketing and Sales

In the real estate industry, effective and efficient communication is crucial for estate agencies to gain a competitive edge. Harnessing the power of WhatsApp Marketing and other messaging apps provide a significant advantage. Explore how you can improve your real estate marketing and sales strategy, maximize client engagement, and drive business growth with Convrs.

Convrs powers the competitive edge for Estate Agencies with WhatsApp Marketing

Elevate your real estate marketing and sales with WhatsApp, the top messaging app in the UK

WhatsApp, through its official solution for growing businesses, the WhatsApp Business Platform (API), offers unique opportunities and powerful tools for estate agents to connect with clients and prospects. Enhance your real estate communication, streamline processes, and deliver exceptional customer experiences by enabling WhatsApp as your messaging channel with Convrs.
Residential Estate Agents building brand experience with WhatsApp
1Residential Estate Agents

Instant Communication - Connect with potential buyers, sellers, and renters in real-time, providing quick responses, sharing property details, scheduling viewings, and delivering personalized assistance via WhatsApp.

Visual Engagement - Utilize WhatsApp's multimedia capabilities to share property images, videos, and virtual tours, captivating clients and generating interest.

Commercial Estate Agents using WhatsApp to connect with clients
2Commercial Estate Agents

Efficient Deal-making - Streamline negotiations, document exchange, and communication with clients using WhatsApp, facilitating quicker decision-making and collaboration among multiple stakeholders.

Timely Property Alerts - Send property alerts and keep clients informed about new listings, price changes, and market updates, improving their chances of finding the perfect property.

Using WhatsApp by Home Builders
3Home Builders

Seamless Customer Support - Provide continuous support throughout the construction process by using WhatsApp to share progress updates, address queries, and assist homeowners with design choices and customization options.

Post-Sale Maintenance - Use WhatsApp for easy communication and timely resolutions of maintenance requests from homeowners, ensuring satisfaction and loyalty after the sale.

Do proactive outbound messaging and engage in personalized communication

What better way to reach potential and existing clients than through a channel that they frequent? WhatsApp ranks as the most used messaging app in the UK at 78%, followed by Facebook Messenger at 63% (March 2023, Statista).

WhatsApp enables estate agents to proactively reach out to clients and establish direct and personalized communication channels with them, opening the door to effective WhatsApp Marketing. By leveraging the platform, estate agents can send targeted messages, such as new property listings, market updates, or exclusive offers, directly to clients' mobile devices. This direct and personalized approach fosters a stronger connection with clients, increases engagement, and significantly boosts conversion rates. By delivering timely and relevant information, estate agents can capture clients' attention and motivate them to take action.

An estate agent doing proactive outreach to a client via WhatsApp.

Boost reach and engagement with WhatsApp Bulk Messaging

Powered by the Convrs WhatsApp Business Platform (API), estate agents can easily send bulk messages to unlimited recipients who have opted in to receive notifications from their brand. The Convrs Omnichannel Messaging Platform serves as the WhatsApp bulk message sender, expanding reach and increasing engagement. This feature is ideal for sending important updates, event invitations, or market insights to a wide client base.

With WhatsApp Bulk Messaging, a powerful solution for WhatsApp Marketing, estate agents can efficiently distribute information, strengthening brand visibility and fostering client engagement. Reach a larger audience easily, ensuring your messages are delivered directly to interested recipients. By leveraging this powerful real estate marketing tool, you can establish strong connections, nurture relationships, and stay top-of-mind with your clients.

Improve efficiency and customer experience with custom interactive messages and WhatsApp chatbots

Utilize the power of custom interactive message flows on WhatsApp, featuring a range of interactive elements such as product cards, quick replies, and menus, to increase efficiency, engagement, and elevate the customer experience:

Product cards - Showcase properties with captivating images, descriptions, and direct links for seamless browsing, as another component of effective WhatsApp Marketing
Quick replies - Provide instant options for commonly asked questions, enabling swift and personalized responses
Menus - Offer a structured navigation experience, allowing clients to easily explore different property types, locations, or services

By automating these interactive message types and enabling WhatsApp Automation, you can effortlessly guide clients through their real estate journey, capturing their needs and preferences while saving valuable time. WhatsApp chatbots can be set to provide instant responses and efficiently handle common queries, freeing up your team's resources to focus on more high-value tasks.

A sample WhatsApp chatbot experience with an interactive message flow streamlining customer service for an Estate Agency.

Optimize WhatsApp campaigns with targeted messaging

Pursue WhatsApp Marketing with Convrs. With WhatsApp powered by Convrs and integrated with your CRM system, estate agents can leverage segmentation capabilities to target specific groups of clients based on location, property preferences, or buying stage. This feature allows estate agents to deliver highly targeted and personalized messaging to their clients. By tailoring their communications to specific client segments, estate agents can ensure that clients receive information that is relevant to their needs and interests, allowing for real estate marketing that truly resonates.

For example, an estate agent can send property listings in a particular location to clients who have shown interest in that area. By providing personalized and valuable information, estate agents can enhance the client experience, increase engagement, and improve conversion rates.

How WhatsApp messaging can be optimized by targeting audience segments according to interest such as residential properties and commercial properties.

Enhance your real estate marketing strategy with Convrs smart solutions tailored to your business needs

Experience enhanced real estate communication capabilities, seamless integration, and innovative features designed to optimize customer engagement and streamline operations, empowering your business to thrive in the real estate industry.

Boost accessibility and ease of communication with omnichannel messaging

Offer multiple contact channels on your website through the Convrs Omnichannel Live Chat. By providing diverse communication options, you empower your clients to connect with you in their preferred way, enhancing convenience and accessibility.

With the live chat feature, clients can easily initiate conversations with your agents, receiving real-time responses to their inquiries. This instant engagement provides them with the reassurance and information they need to confidently proceed with their real estate journey with you.

And with the Convrs Omnichannel Messaging Platform, conversations initiated by clients from your web widget can continue seamlessly, even after they leave your website. This continuity ensures that communication remains uninterrupted, making re-engagement and real estate marketing seamless.

A client accessing the Convrs Omnichannel Live Chat widget on an Estate Agency's website.

Automate real estate communication with AI chatbots

By leveraging custom message flows and AI chatbots, you can automate routine tasks, reduce manual workload, and focus your team's efforts on more complex and value-added activities. The automation of responses and support ensures that clients receive prompt assistance, regardless of the time of day, leading to improved customer satisfaction.

Custom message flows allow you to create tailored conversational paths, automating and personalizing client interactions. By configuring specific message flows, you can guide clients seamlessly through their real estate journey, capturing their needs, preferences, and inquiries with ease. This automation not only saves time but also ensures consistency and accuracy in your communication. With speed as a vital factor in real estate communications, AI chatbot-powered automation serves as one of the tools you can count on for gaining a competitive edge.

A chatbot flow made via the Convrs Flow Builder enables data collection and determines the nature of the support request before routing the chat to the right agent.

Streamline your messaging with a centralized omnichannel inbox and CRM integration

With the Convrs Omnichannel Inbox, you can consolidate and handle messages from multiple platforms in one place. It provides estate agents and leaders with a centralized hub for seamless real estate communication management. This centralized approach ensures that agents can respond promptly and consistently to client inquiries, delivering exceptional customer service.

And by integrating the Convrs Omnichannel Messaging Platform with your CRM system with the Convrs API, seamless access to valuable client data such as client preferences, communication history, and previous property inquiries is enabled. This empowers agents to personalize interactions, anticipate needs, and foster stronger relationships.

The Convrs Omnichannel Inbox collects messages from different messaging platforms and pulls customer information from an integrated CRM system to enable efficient message management.

Other Estate Agency-favorite Convrs platform features

Omnichannel Live Chat
Offer multiple contact options on your website. Allow your customers to reach you via their preferred messaging channels such as popular messaging apps like WhatsApp, web chat, or two-way SMS.
Flow Builder
Set custom flows to your AI chatbots for automation that serves your business units best. Set flows for data capture, push notifications, self-service functions, and more.
Chat Routing
Automatically send different messages straight to the assigned teams or agents for immediate handling, following a more efficient process.
Real-Time Translations
Engage in multilingual conversations with customers across the globe anytime, with ease. Built in the platform dashboard, agents can send and receive translated messages in an instant.
Agent Supervision & Transfer
Supervise and oversee client-agent conversations within the Convrs dashboard through the Manager's access rights. Managers can also transfer chats to other agents or retrieve conversation transcripts as needed.
GDPR-Compliant Messaging
Leverage the power of messaging apps securely and worry-free. All client-agent conversations across available messaging channels within Convrs are consolidated and logged for easy supervision and compliance monitoring.

Available messaging channels

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Elevate your real estate marketing and communications, streamline operations, and drive growth. Gain your competitive edge with Convrs.

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