The Complete Messaging Solution for Forex and CFD Brokers

Convrs provides comprehensive messaging solutions to maximize opportunities and boost team performance. Discover how you can generate more leads, improve conversions, sustain engagement, and break through the sales lead blackhole with omnichannel messaging. Transform your Forex and CFD brokerage with Convrs.

Connect MT4 and MT5 to Messaging

Win over potential and current customers throughout the trading journey

Trusted by 45+ leading MT4/MT5 Forex and CFD brokers worldwide, Convrs empowers trading companies to optimize performance across Sales, Retention, Marketing, Customer Service, and Compliance.
Forex generate more leads
1Boost lead generation

Capture quality leads through demo account registrations (MT4, MT5, or proprietary platforms), webinar sign-ups, and more, leveraging the high open rates and click-through rates in messaging apps and SMS.

Forex improve conversions
2Increase conversions

Optimize conversions by capitalizing on the impressive open rates of 85%+ and click-through rates of 30%+ offered by messaging apps and two-way SMS, surpassing the effectiveness of traditional e-forms and email.

Forex sustain engagement
3Drive sustained engagement

Meet your clients where they are - on messaging apps. As emails and phone calls lose effectiveness, leverage the popularity and convenience of messaging apps to maintain ongoing engagement and deliver exceptional customer experiences through conversational marketing.

Engage a massive audience with powerful bulk messaging

Amplify your brand's reach and engage a massive audience effortlessly through the power of bulk messaging, a key solution in WhatsApp Marketing. With Convrs, you can leverage WhatsApp's bulk messaging feature to connect with a large number of customers in one go.

Build targeted audience lists based on demographics, preferences, or behavior, and send bulk messages to keep your audience informed about important announcements, reminders, promotions, and updates. With personalized templates and dynamic content, you can tailor your messages to resonate with different audience segments, ensuring more impactful and engaging communication that drives higher engagement and conversion rates.

Explore more bulk messaging use cases:

Break through the sales lead blackhole with omnichannel messaging via messaging apps

As the ultimate omnichannel messaging solution designed specifically for MT4 and MT5, the Convrs platform empowers brokers to seamlessly connect with potential and existing customers, guiding them through the entire customer and trading journey. Engage in meaningful two-way conversations via popular messaging apps like WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram, LINE, and Viber, leveraging the power of conversational marketing for a more interactive customer experience.

With messaging app open rates reaching as high as 98% compared to 22% of emails, now is definitely the time to enhance your marketing and sales strategy with channels that deliver superior results!

Forex inbox logo - connecting people to business by messaging

Cater to more customers with multiple channels for communication

Expand your brand reach and ease of access by enabling omnichannel messaging and giving customers more ways of getting in touch with you. One way of doing so? Offer multiple channels for communication through an Omnichannel Live Chat widget on your website.

Though the capacity of traditional methods such as email and phone shouldn’t be undermined entirely, it is undeniable that new-age messaging channels have already taken the spotlight. Messaging apps are direct access to consumers via their mobile phones and are deemed easier and more convenient to converse in with instant messaging or live chat, hence their continuous rise in usage and power.

Maximize this huge opportunity with Convrs. Engage with traders on their preferred channels — whether those be their favorite messaging apps, via web chat, or through two-way SMS — with the Omnichannel Live Chat and Omnichannel Inbox.

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Simplify MT4/MT5 demo sign-ups with a single click

Complex, manual form-filling can deter potential clients, often causing significant drop-offs in the registration process — a common challenge for CFD and Forex firms.

With Convrs, you can automate the demo account sign-up process on your website and enable prospects to complete this conveniently all via their preferred messaging app:

  • One-click is all that’s needed to initiate sign-up process

  • Login credentials and instructions are provided in-app to avoid unnecessary digging through emails
  • Agents can follow through and continue the conversation in the same channel to help the prospect move forward with his journey with the company
Showing how you can sign up for an Forex account through messaging apps

Proactively engage traders with the world's leading messaging app

With the WhatsApp Business Platform (Official API), you can take the lead in engaging with traders, without waiting for them to reach out first. Initiate proactive outreach at any time using preapproved Forex and CFD templates.

Maximize the exceptional 98% average open rate of WhatsApp and experience higher response and conversion rates. Boost your business growth with Convrs as your trusted partner in leveraging the power of WhatsApp for effective and efficient communication.

A conversation with a trader initiated on WhatsApp via the Convrs Omnichannel Messaging Platform.

Enjoy comprehensive and seamless CRM and Forex platform integrations

Improve data management and process efficiency by syncing data updates across systems and integrating Forex-CFD platforms and content access.

Enable all this and build a more robust internal system by connecting the Convrs platform to your existing solutions through the Convrs API.

Integrate Convrs with Salesforce, HubSpot, Match Trader, FX Back Office, and FYNXT.

Push account and market alerts with our plug-and-play Metatrader integration

The Convrs proprietary solution now enables your customers to receive trading accounts and market alerts. Reinforce your brand impact and keep consumers engaged by pushing timely, relevant, and personalized content via their messaging app of choice.

From trade ideas to trade confirmations and price quotes, the Convrs MT4/MT5 solution is truly an industry first!

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Elevate customer experience with personalized messaging

The Convrs secret sauce allows businesses to continue engagement with existing and prospective clients on a "one-to-one" rather than a segment broadcast basis.

Allowing customers the ability to determine "what" they are sent, "when" it is sent, and "how" it is received, the Convrs Omnichannel Platform is the only true solution for personalized messaging app communication for MT4/MT5 brokers.

Forex inbox logo - connecting people to business by messaging

Other Forex-favorite Convrs platform features

Real-Time Translation
Engage in multilingual conversations with customers across the globe anytime, with ease. Enabled in all active chats, agents can send and receive translated messages in an instant.
GDPR-Compliant Messaging
Leverage the power of messaging apps securely and worry-free. All client-agent conversations across available messaging channels within Convrs are consolidated and logged for easy supervision and compliance monitoring.
CRM Integration
Integrate the Convrs Omnichannel Messaging Platform with your existing CRM software for in-sync database and operations across business units.
Customer Drop-off and Re-engagement
Convrs allows API integration to enable WhatsApp Automation or the automated sending of WhatsApp messages based on set triggers, designed to re-engage customers and encourage them to proceed with their customer journey.
Agent Oversight
Access active chats of agents to help manage responses and take necessary action on their behalf when needed.
Insights & Reports
Monitor agent and team performance with dashboard insights and generate reports designed to help your business units keep track of important metrics and user data.

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