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We are driven to help you achieve and further business and customer success

About Us
1Smart & Innovative Solutions

We pursue innovations rooted in creating simple and smart solutions that take away all things complicated. And all this is to help businesses like yours achieve streamlined processes that produce optimum results.

About Us
2Reliable Customer Support

We find ways to serve you the best way we can always. From clarifying questions and setting up functionalities to resolving technical issues, be assured of adept service from our team of experts.

About Us
3Collaborative Partnerships

We work together with our partners and hear each other out. We make it a point to understand your business, goals, and needs clearly and deeply so we can work well on providing the right solutions for you.

Our teams serve messaging and engagement needs all over the globe

About Us - connecting customers to business by messaging

Our story

The Convrs platform was the end result of two 40-something fintech veterans discussing how consumers were changing in terms of demographics, accessibility, preferences, and actions, whilst the companies servicing them in various sectors failed to meet them where they were.

Initially, the discussions revolved around financial markets be it news, research, asset classes, or trading applications such as Robinhood in the US and Revolut in Europe.

Not too long after it became apparent that the financial markets did not need more news or trading applications. News is readily available and on the whole, lost in the swamplands of recipients’ email inboxes and financial apps. Unless something is truly unique and sticky, it was downloaded, used a handful of times but eventually offloaded or deleted.

What became clear was that the solution to the above reality was applicable to every industry that had retail consumers and where businesses needed to engage with the said consumers.

Businesses need to stop sending content and trying to engage with the customers via the old communication channels like telephone and email, stop throwing millions into the development of proprietary apps, and should instead meet their existing and potential customers in the messaging apps that they use all day long to speak to their friends and family.

Let us help you leverage the power of messaging apps for business

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