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Streamline the way you do customer service with Convrs
Customer Service improve customer access
1Improve ease of access

Open up new messaging channels for your customers to reach you for their convenience other than traditional calling or emailing.

Customer Service boost speed and live agent productivity
2Boost response speed

Harness the power of a chatbot for the automation of transactions that do not require human intervention and design flows that would quickly route a customer to a live agent as needed.

Customer Service Work increase live agent efficiency
3Increase case handling efficiency

Enable your help desks to efficiently manage all customer support conversations across messaging apps, live web chat, and SMS directly within the Convrs system.

Make it easy for customers to get in touch with you

The harder it is to reach your company, the easier for customers to just forget and let you go. It’s the plain and simple truth, isn‘t it? So we say, cater to your customers’ preferences better by enabling omnichannel messaging and giving them multiple means for reaching you.

With Omnichannel Live Chat, you can offer contact options on your website that include messaging apps, web chat, and SMS. With a robust line-up of popular messaging platforms across different regions and markets, Convrs makes it so much easier for your prospects and customers to initiate conversations with your sales team through instant messaging in their preferred messaging channel.

Through the years, multiple reports have proven the consistent rise in usage, preference, and power of messaging apps as a means of connecting even with businesses — an opportunity which Convrs helps businesses maximize.

Customer Service - connecting customers to business by messaging

Available messaging channels

Connect with your customers through their favorite messaging apps
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Omnichannel Messaging

Manage a gazillion messages from different platforms faster and easier

With the influx of messages from all your messaging channels, it can be quite overwhelming to manage. But not with the Omnichannel Inbox. It acts like a funnel — it collects all messages from all your messaging platforms and lets you manage them in just one inbox. But it goes beyond that. It also gives you the power to oversee the chats of all agents, set flows for automated data processing, monitor performance for continuous improvement, and a lot more — enabling a more efficient customer service management overall.

Customer Service - connecting customers to business by messaging

Lessen support turnaround times through automation

Chatbots have undeniably changed the game for customer service. Among a myriad of other benefits, they enable answers and actions to be available in an instant, lessen dependence on human presence — which saves consumers time and companies costs — and allow customer service help desks to be active and reachable 24/7.

In our “microwave” culture where consumers demand everything to be available “now”, chatbots have helped make customer service faster, smoother and more accessible for millions of companies and counting.

Customer Service - connecting customers to business by messaging using chatbots

Direct different customer messages straight to the right teams or agents

When messages flood in, it is important to do triage the soonest time possible to ensue fluid responses. But more often than not, companies find this as a major bottle neck in their customer service.

So, why not reduce the manual tasks here and let technology aid in boosting productivity? With the Flow Builder you can automate the triage of messages for a more efficient support help desk. Automatically send different messages straight to the right teams and agents for handling and resolving ASAP.

Set the basis of routing the messages on what works best for your company — whether that be by nature of task, area coverage, language, you name it. Reap the benefits of a much more efficient customer case management with Convrs.

Customer Service - connecting customers to business by messaging

Be ready to engage in multilingual conversations with customers anytime

Language barrier is one of the factors that can pull down customer support performance. Not only can it slow down responses, it can also turn up incidences of miscommunication.

With Convrs, this is something you woudn’t have to worry about. Enable your agents to engage in multilingual live chats and conversations at ease with Real-Time Translations integrated in the platform’s dashboard. Through this, agents can instantly send and receive translated messages anytime they need for smooth conversations with customers from all over the world.

Customer Service - connecting customers to business by messaging

Ensure GDPR compliant messaging

The basic but ultimately important building block of reliable customer service? A compliant messaging solution.

With Convrs, you can focus on delivering excellent customer service, assured of regulatory compliance. Through the platform’s dashboard, you can monitor customer-agent conversations, control accesses and permissions of platform users, access chat histories, and generate reports all for compliance.

Customer Service - connecting customers to business by messaging

Keep track of your performance

We know that for anyone keen on delivering excellent customer service, constant improvement is key. From chat summaries, agent performance overviews, to the most intricate data and insights based on parameters such as response times, dates covered, agents, teams, and so on, Convrs helps companies stay on top of their performance and gain insights to work towards an always-improving customer service.

Customer Service - connecting customers to business by messaging

Integrate Convrs with your preferred CRM system

With the Convrs API, you can easily connect the Convrs Omnichannel Platform to your existing CRM solution and enjoy data integrations that flow through systems to enable operations across business units to remain in-sync.

Integrate in to CRM's such a salesforce to enhance your customer service

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