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"My team and I have been using Convrs for a year now and the overall experience is very good. In such a dynamic industry like online trading, keeping up with new technologies and means of communications available to all users is vital. The Convrs Team showed us how to unite all possible communication channels in a single tool and raise the engagement with prospects and clients to a higher level. Through the integration with WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, and our CRM, ActivTrades’ clients are never alone."

Pietro Vantaggiato

Sales & Support Supervisor, ActivTrades PLC

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"Convrs helped us introduce new direct messaging channels for our sales teams to reach leads and existing clients. This has increased the speed at which we’re able to service and support our clients by allowing leads and clients to communicate in channels that suit them. It was quick to implement and test and we were able to roll out swiftly."

Ollie Rosewell
Chief Marketing Officer, Eightcap
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“From day one, my experience with Convrs has been extraordinary. They have provided the tools needed to build customized support solutions, and the wealth of experience they bring to the table is superb. I have seen the growth and expansion of their products, features, and capabilities. When they hear a proposal for new features or customizations, they are more than willing to consider and provide effective solutions. Special thanks to Enis for providing us with direct channels for communication and continued support.”

Adrian Ceballos
Operations Officer - Project Manager, BlackBull Markets
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"Communication through instant messaging channels helps us to improve our conversions, relationships with customers, as well as a greater engagement by having a trusted person on the other side with whom you can communicate on a daily basis. Without a doubt, Convrs has created value in our sales and conversion channel."

Head of Sales UK, EU & LATAM


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"We get first-rate and super fast responsive service from Convrs on an ongoing basis. Not only was set up easy, but maintenance is too, making it easy for our staff to use the software and improve their KPIs."

Global Sales Director


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"As younger generations begin trading, it is important that brokers don’t communicate with them in traditional ‘old school’ ways of phone calls and emails, but in ways they find most accessible - this will accelerate global business opportunities for brokers, and I believe is one of the biggest technology innovations we have seen for MetaTrader brokers in recent times."

Tom Higgins

CEO, Gold-i

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"We were looking to upscale our live chat and choosing Convrs has more than delivered. In a time when customer experience really counts, this solution has enabled us to really step It up. We have learned that there are no limits to what Convrs can deliver. We have been able to explore our customer communication in a way that would not have been possible with our previous solution. Most importantly, we have seen immediate positive reaction from our clients. We look forward to a long partnership where 'it can't be done' is not part of the conversation."

Head of Global Support



"As a customer experience manager and marketer, the Convrs platform has been a godsend in terms of increasing customer engagement and upping the customer experience in general. Customers expect help when they want it and how they want it, and communication via the social channels provides a much more efficient service, while also allowing more intimate customer relationships to form. The UI itself provides a clear and simple interface for support agents to provide quick chat support, while the back end offers useful integrations with internal systems, aimed at streamlining the customer journey. The team is always on hand to help with set up, troubleshoot any issues, and are always open to feedback suggestions. It's a pleasure to recommend Convrs to any business serious about their customers."

Head of Customer Support



"We are very pleased to have partnered with Convrs and thus, be able to offer a new vehicle to our existing clients. We totally believe in the importance of messaging and social media and are delighted to be able to offer this new service."

Setxi Fernandez

CEO, FXStreet


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