Use One Omnichannel Inbox for All Messages Across Your Channels

Simplify communication and enhance efficiency. Have customer conversations from WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram, LINE, Viber, Web Chat, and SMS all in one place.


Streamline your omnichannel messaging management

Take your message management to new heights and experience a significant enhancement in communication speed, efficiency, and effectiveness. Unlock new levels of productivity and streamline your customer interactions with the Omnichannel Inbox.

Manage all inquiries and messages conveniently and efficiently

Can’t imagine a way to handle a multitude of messages coming from all sorts of directions? Keeping tabs on conversations across multiple messaging channels can be challenging. The Omnichannel Inbox simplifies this by providing a centralized platform where you can effortlessly manage and monitor interactions. No more toggling between different platforms as it collects conversations from all your messaging channels such as messaging apps, web chat, and SMS, and lets you manage them all in one centralized inbox.

Omnichannel centralized inbox - connecting people to business by messaging apps

Unlock global conversations confidently

Break through language barriers and amplify your business' global reach without constraints. Engage in live chat or asynchronous conversations with customers worldwide, regardless of the language they speak. The Convrs Omnichannel Messaging Platform comes equipped with a real-time translation feature for active chats, enabling you to seamlessly communicate in multiple languages at any time. Say goodbye to language limitations, and welcome a world of possibilities. With instant translations, you can foster meaningful connections and drive lead generation effortlessly, opening doors to diverse markets and a more inclusive customer experience.

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Initiate outreach to potential and current customers via WhatsApp

Empower your business with the Convrs Omnichannel Messaging Platform, where your messaging is not just responsive but also proactive. While efficiently managing inbound messages from your messaging channels, take charge of your outreach strategy. No longer bound by the wait-and-see approach, now you can initiate conversations with both potential and current customers. Leverage WhatsApp as a powerful tool for proactive outreach, boosting your sales initiatives and enhancing customer service. Break free from the limitations of traditional communication and create impactful connections, leveraging the power of WhatsApp, the world's leading messaging app.

Omnichannel inbox, using Whatsapp Business API to connect to your customers

Enable smart automation and chat routing for more efficient management

Now that you know that all messages from different platforms can be funneled through one centralized and unified inbox, how can they be organized then for better management?

The answer is simple: It's entirely within your control. With Convrs, you enjoy the flexibility to set this up according to what works best for your internal system and team setup. Through our Flow Builder, we guide you in setting up how conversations flow, how data is processed and seamlessly integrated into your database or CRM system. Tailor which agents or teams receive specific messages, creating a streamlined process that aligns precisely with your business objectives.

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Boost agent messaging efficiency with the AI Writing Assistant

Supercharge your messaging game with the AI Writing Assistant seamlessly integrated into the Omnichannel Inbox. This powerful tool empowers agents to compose messages with precision and effectiveness. It provides a suite of smart editing tools that go beyond mere grammar corrections, ensuring that your messages not only communicate but do so with impact.

Technical Precision
Eliminate spelling and grammar errors effortlessly, ensuring your messages are technically flawless.

Versatile Approaches
Tailor your messages with a range of approach variations, whether it's a business and professional tone, persuasive selling, supportive and empathetic, or promotional language.

Tone Adjustments
Fine-tune the tone of your messages to suit the occasion, be it positive and friendly, fun and casual, or warm and inviting.

Monitor chat performance with the AI Sentiment & AI Chat Summary

Unlock powerful insights into your client-agent interactions with the AI Sentiment & Chat Summary, a game-changing tool powered by Conversational Intelligence. This feature empowers agents and officers by providing instant overviews of closed chats, offering valuable insights into customer sentiments and the dynamics of the conversation.

Sentiment Analysis
Evaluate the overall sentiment of conversations, providing a quick overview of whether the interaction was positive, neutral, or negative.

Chat Summary
Receive concise summaries of entire conversations, enabling agents and officers to quickly grasp key topics and outcomes.

Message Categories/Tags
Identify the nature and main intent of each conversation through categorized tags, streamlining the process of understanding and addressing customer needs.

With the AI Sentiment & Chat Summary, enhance your team's performance, monitor customer sentiments, and continuously improve customer experiences.

Easily supervise agents and manage team performance

The Omnichannel Inbox not only simplifies conversation management but also provides a robust framework for overseeing your team's performance. With features designed for real-time monitoring, comprehensive interaction history, and performance analytics, you have the tools needed to enhance the customer experience and optimize your team's efficiency.

Real-Time Interaction Monitoring
Monitor live chats and ongoing conversations in real time. See who's online, track response times, and ensure that your team is providing timely and efficient support to customers.

Comprehensive Customer Interaction History
ccess a complete history of customer interactions. Retrieve past conversations, review customer preferences, and provide a more personalized experience by having a holistic view of each customer's journey.

Performance Metrics and Analytics
Track agent performance with built-in analytics. Gain insights into response times, resolution rates, and customer satisfaction metrics to continuously improve your team's efficiency and effectiveness.

Easily supervise agents and manage team performance

Ensure GDPR-compliant messaging

Say goodbye to unrecorded correspondence of agents with customers using their personal devices. The Omnichannel Inbox ensures that every chat—whether inbound or outbound—is documented for thorough monitoring and compliance. Taking it a step further, you retain control over your team members' access and actions within the system by defining roles and permissions. With the Convrs Omnichannel Messaging Platform, you can confidently leverage the capabilities of messaging apps, ensuring security and peace of mind in your communication processes.

Omnichannel inbox logo - connecting people to business by messaging

Do more with the Omnichannel Inbox

Other features to explore
Bulk Messaging
Scale one-to-one conversations and send bulk messages to thousands efficiently via your channels of choice such as WhatsApp and SMS.
Automated Messaging
Send reminders and notifications to customers based on your preferred customer journey triggers to keep them in the loop and encourage them to move forward with their journey with your brand.
Canned Responses
Set quick reply messages that can be pulled up in active chats using keywords or hashtags to eliminate unnecessary time spent on repetitive responses.
Agent Oversight
Access active chats of agents to help manage responses and take necessary action on their behalf when needed.
Chat History
Access both agent and customer chat histories anytime. Access these according to preferred filters such as by agent, by time period, by status, and more.
Insights & Reports
Monitor team and agent performance with dashboard insights. Download timely reports for review and compliance.

Integrate seamlessly with Salesforce

Connect your CRM solution with the Convrs Omnichannel Messaging Platform
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Available messaging channels

Connect all your messaging platforms to the Convrs Omnichannel Inbox
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Omnichannel Messaging

Get started with the Omnichannel Inbox in no time

How it works
Omnichannel Work
1Choose the ideal account setup

Begin by selecting the messaging channels you want to connect to the Omnichannel Inbox. Define your team structure, specifying the members who will have access to the Convrs Omnichannel Messaging platform.

Omnichannel Work
2Team Convrs to set up

Our dedicated team will take over, connecting your chosen messaging channels to your Omnichannel Inbox. They'll also create the necessary accounts for your team members, ensuring a seamless integration process.

Omnichannel Work
3Dashboard access granted

Once the setup is complete, your accounts will be activated and made live. Your company can instantly access the Omnichannel Inbox from the Convrs dashboard, ready to experience the immediate benefits of streamlined communication and enhanced efficiency.

Delight your customers and empower your teams with efficient and effective message management

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