Use One Omnichannel Inbox for All Messages Across Your Channels

Simplify communication and enhance efficiency. Have customer conversations from WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram, LINE, Viber, Web Chat, and SMS all in one place.


Take message management to new heights

Improve your omnichannel message management capabilities. Experience a significant enhancement in communication speed, efficiency, and effectiveness. Unlock new levels of productivity and streamline your customer interactions with the Omnichannel Inbox.

Manage all messages conveniently and efficiently

Can’t imagine a way to handle a multitude of messages coming from all sorts of directions? The Omnichannel Inbox will make it clear and simple for you. It collects conversations from all your messaging channels such as messaging apps, web chat, and SMS, and lets you manage them all in one centralized inbox. But more than acting like a funnel, the Omnichannel Inbox enables you to do smart automations like routing different messages to the corresponding teams and agents for diminished bottlenecks and much more efficient processing.

Omnichannel centralized inbox - connecting people to business by messaging apps

Engage in conversations in different languages anytime

Don’t let the language barrier hold you down from expanding your business reach and lead generation. Communicate and do live chat with customers from all over the globe in any language, easily, anytime. With the built in Real-Time translations in the Convrs dashboard, you can send and receive translated messages in an instant!

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Initiate outreach to potential and current customers via WhatsApp

With the Convrs Omnichannel Messaging Platform, not only can you manage inbound messages from the world’s leading messaging app, you can do outbound too! No more wasted time waiting for consumers to contact you first. Do proactive outreach and initiate conversations with your prospects and customers via WhatsApp for a boost in sales and customer service.

Omnichannel inbox, using Whatsapp Business API to connect to your customers

Automate data processing and lead qualification

Customize the flow of message processing for more efficient management.

Now that you know that all messages from different platforms can be funneled through one unified inbox, how are they sorted then for better management?

The answer is it’s up to you. With Convrs, you have the freedom to set this up according to what works best for your internal system and team setup. With the Flow Builder, we can help you set how conversations flow, how data is processed and connected to your database and CRM system, which teams certain messages should be directed to, and so much more.

Omnichannel inbox logo - connecting people to business by messaging

Control and manage agent access

Say goodbye to unrecorded correspondence of agents with customers using their personal devices. With the Omnichannel Inbox, all chats, inbound and outbound, are documented for proper monitoring and compliance. On top of that, be in control of what your team members get to access and do within the system by determining roles and permissions. With Convrs, you can harness the power of messaging apps securely and worry-free.

Omnichannel inbox logo - connecting people to business by messaging

Other features to explore

Do more with the Omnichannel Inbox
Social Look-up
Check social accounts connected to your customers’ data for other modes of contact and references.
Message Templates
Set custom message templates for easy sending to eliminate unnecessary time spent on repetitive responses.
WhatsApp Account Checker
Verify if a lead’s WhatsApp account is viable, valid or active and determine which country the account is based in.
Agent Oversight
Access active chats of agents to help manage responses and take necessary action on their behalf when needed.
Chat History
Access both agent and customer chat histories anytime. Access these according to preferred filters such as by agent, by time period, by status, and more.
Insights & Reports
Monitor team and agent performance with dashboard insights. Download timely reports for review and compliance.

Integrate seamlessly with Salesforce

Connect your CRM solution with the Convrs Omnichannel Messaging Platform
Omnichannel inbox banner - connecting people to business by messaging with a salesforce integration

Available messaging channels

Connect all your messaging platforms to the Convrs Omnichannel Inbox
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Omnichannel Messaging

How it works

Get started in no time
Omnichannel Work
1Choose the ideal account setup

Select the messaging channels you wish to connect to the Omnichannel Inbox. Determine the team setup and members who will be granted access to the Convrs platform.

Omnichannel Work
2Team Convrs to setup

The team will connect your selected messaging channels to your Omnichannel Inbox and will create the necessary accounts for your team members.

Omnichannel Work
3Access to the dashboard granted

Accounts will be granted and made live for your company to experience the benefits of the Omnichannel Inbox outright.

Delight your customers and empower your teams with faster and easier message management

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