Elevate your business with the WhatsApp Business Platform (API)

Transform your marketing, sales, and customer service strategy with the robust capabilities of the WhatsApp Business Platform (API). Boost engagement and drive results by leveraging the power of the world’s leading messaging app.

Grow your business by using
the whatsapp business API

Harness the full potential of the WhatsApp Business Platform (API) to achieve remarkable customer engagement, team efficiency, and business growth

Enjoy wider reach, explore scalability, and deliver richer customer experiences

WhatsApp for Marketing

Take advantage of unlimited bulk messaging on the WhatsApp Business Platform (API) to supercharge your marketing efforts. Reach a wider audience, engage customers with impactful promotions, and scale your marketing campaigns efficiently.

Learn how WhatsApp Marketing can elevate your marketing strategies and drive breakthrough engagement.

WhatsApp for Sales

Boost your sales performance with the WhatsApp Business Platform (API). Reduce cart abandonment and sign-up drop-offs, implement effective upselling and cross-selling strategies, and drive higher conversions.

Discover how WhatsApp can help you optimize your sales funnel and drive revenue growth.

WhatsApp for Customer Service

Enhance your customer service capabilities with the power of automation through WhatsApp chatbots enabled by the WhatsApp Business Platform (API). Deliver efficient 24/7 support, driving customer satisfaction and cost-effective operations.

Explore how WhatsApp can streamline your customer service and enhance customer experiences.

Why choose the WhatsApp Business Platform (API)?

The WhatsApp Business Platform (API) is a game-changer, offering expanded opportunities for businesses to streamline communication and enhance engagement compared to its counterpart for smaller businesses, the WhatsApp Business App.
The advances features of the WhatsApp Business Platform (API)
1Advanced and expanded features

The WhatsApp Business Platform (API) caters specifically to medium and large enterprises, offering a comprehensive suite of advanced features. Within this arsenal are robust tools designed for the scalable expansion of messaging capabilities. Enable WhatsApp automation through WhatsApp chatbots and interactive message flows while ensuring seamless CRM integration. By partnering with a business messaging solution provider like Convrs, you gain access to these features, opening diverse opportunities to enhance your communication strategies.

WhatsApp Business Platform (API) giving business growth
2Flexibility and growth

Revel in the flexibility to expand your communication strategies as your business experiences growth. The WhatsApp Business Platform (API) seamlessly adapts to your evolving needs, ensuring efficient outreach to wider audiences. Whether it's managing increased customer interactions or handling larger audience segments, the WhatsApp Business Platform (API) is purpose-built for substantial and dynamic growth.

Using WhatsApp Business Platform (API) on Desktop and other places
3Online and desktop accessibility

Seamlessly manage your communication system online and via desktop with the WhatsApp Business Platform (API). Through business messaging solution providers like Convrs that support and facilitate the integration, you gain access to the WhatsApp system via the Convrs interface and dashboard, akin to what you can say the WhatsApp Business web version. This streamlined accessibility empowers you to stay connected, respond promptly, and manage operations conveniently from anywhere, ensuring your business is always within reach.

Unlock the full range of benefits of the WhatsApp Business Platform (API) for your business

Leverage and maximize the WhatsApp Business Platform (API)'s advanced features and tools
WhatsApp Business Platform benefits icon

Bulk Messaging for Expansive Reach

Conduct efficient and compliant bulk messaging or WhatsApp Campaigns, reaching an extensive audience of users who have opted in to receive messages from your brand. Craft impactful communications using approved WhatsApp message templates to maximize your outreach potential.

WhatsApp Business Platform simplified template approval process icon

Streamlined Message Template Approval Process

Utilize the WhatsApp Business Platform (API) to conduct efficient and compliant bulk messaging or WhatsApp Campaigns, reaching an extensive audience of users who have willingly opted in to receive messages from your brand. Craft impactful communications using approved WhatsApp message templates to maximize your outreach potential.

Efficient Management of Multiple Users & Devices using the whatsapp business api

Efficient Management of Multiple Users & Devices

Simplify your communication infrastructure by enabling and managing multiple users across diverse devices using a single WhatsApp number. This streamlined approach enhances collaboration and communication within your organization, ensuring that messages are delivered efficiently.

Engage Audiences with Interactive Message Flows using WhatsApp Busines API

Engage Audiences with Interactive Message Flows

Enhance user engagement through interactive messages, available exclusively to WhatsApp Business Platform (API) users. These messages feature clickable buttons and rich media elements, providing an immersive experience for users. Such interactivity contributes to higher engagement rates, ensuring that your audience remains engaged with your content.

Deploy WhatsApp chatbots using the WhatsApp Busines API

WhatsApp Chatbot Deployment for Automation

Deploy WhatsApp chatbots to facilitate automation aligned precisely with your business needs. These chatbots operate seamlessly on WhatsApp, enhancing efficiency and enabling personalized interactions with your audience.

CRM Integration for the WhatsApp Busines API

Seamless CRM Integration for Enhanced Efficiency

Integrate WhatsApp messaging seamlessly with your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system through Convrs. This integration ensures synchronized data flows, streamlining message management processes. Elevate your operational efficiency and provide personalized experiences to your customers through this integrated approach.

Why enable the WhatsApp Business Platform (API)?

Choose a partnership built on trust, respectful collaboration, reliable support, and continuous innovation
  • End-to-End Support

    Count on Convrs for comprehensive support throughout your WhatsApp Business Platform (API) journey, from initial account creation to seamless platform integration with your CRM system and beyond. We're dedicated to being your reliable partner every step of the way.

  • Tailored Solutions

    Experience a collaborative approach as we attentively listen to your needs. At Convrs, we work closely with clients to deliver smart solutions that align with your unique business goals, ensuring a partnership based on understanding and respect.

  • Seamless Integration

    Leverage the power of the WhatsApp Business Platform (API). Our platform simplifies integration with your existing internal systems and CRM through the Convrs API, making the process smooth and hassle-free.

  • Smart Tools and Features

    Access a suite of smart tools and features encompassing omnichannel messaging, sales, marketing, and customer service. Designed to simplify and enhance your business processes, these tools are crafted to make your operations more efficient and effective.

  • GDPR-Compliant Messaging

    Leverage the power of the WhatsApp Business Platform (API) safely and securely with GDPR-compliant messaging assured with the Convrs Omnichannel Messaging Platform. Convrs prioritizes the safety and security of your messaging processes, aligning seamlessly with GDPR regulations for a worry-free experience.

  • Meta Verified Tech Provider

    As a Meta Verified Tech provider, Convrs brings an additional layer of credibility and expertise to enabling WhatsApp Business Platform (API) solutions. Partner with us for a trusted and certified experience in enhancing your business communication strategy.

WhatsApp Business Platform (API) and Convrs Working together

Get a WhatsApp Business Account in as easy as 1-2-3

This is a prerequisite for enabling the WhatsApp Business Platform (API). Here are the initial things you need to get started. Unsure if you’ve got everything covered? We're here to help!
Get your whatsapp business account
1Phone Number

Ensure you have a valid phone number, whether it's a mobile or landline, that can receive the one-time password (OTP) via SMS or voice call during the signup process. Please note that this phone number should not be associated with an existing WhatsApp account.

Whatsapp phone number
2Facebook Business Manager

For an active WhatsApp Business account, it's necessary to add your company information to the Business Information section in the settings of Facebook Business Manager. You can complete this step before or after the signup process. To maximize the benefits of the solution, make sure your Facebook Business Manager account is verified.

Whatsapp facebook business manager
3Company Website

In relation to the previous steps, the required information for the Facebook Business Manager includes your legal name, business address, business phone number, and an official company website. Providing accurate and up-to-date details will facilitate the account setup process.

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