Seamlessly integrate the Convrs Omnichannel Platform into your existing back office

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Enjoy data integration across platforms

With the ability to integrate directly into both proprietary and third-party standalone or SaaS solutions, you can fully utilize the efficiencies and opportunities that messaging has to offer beyond simple customer service chats.

Whether it is to sign up for software trial, webinars, or complete applications forms within the messaging app of your user's choice, the Convrs offering enables you to provide a truly differentiated and streamlined conversational experience that would otherwise be more costly or unachievable with other off-the-shelf or bespoke builds.

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Integrate with Salesforce

Streamline your pipeline and build a richer CRM experience for your team by seamlessly connecting the Convrs Omnichannel Platform to the Salesforce native app. Do lead generation and qualification, and store account applications easily.

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The Convrs API is a simple and secure JSON API

This enables you to interact with the platform and connect it with your existing systems like Customer Relationship Management or CRM softwares.

The API can easily be enabled through:

  • Websockets

  • Webhooks

Need help?

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How it works

Integrate in no time
Convrs API Work
1Identify CRM software or system

Our team will confirm necessary processes needed to do the integration based on the software or system you want to integrate the Convrs Omnichannel Platform into.

Convrs API Work
2Team Convrs to guide your IT team

Our team of experts will provide the proper API documentation and all the necessary files to aid your team for the integration.

Convrs API Work
3Completion of integration

Once instructions are completed, you now get to enjoy seamless data integration across platforms.

Power up your existing system for better customer service and business results

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