Connect Your Messaging to Your CRM and More with the Convrs API

Enhance messaging efficiency and enable in-sync customer data flows across your existing platforms for seamless omnichannel messaging processes and experiences.

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Enable data integration across platforms for smart and streamlined workflows

The Convrs API is like a language interpreter for software, helping different programs talk to each other effortlessly. It acts as a bridge, allowing the Convrs Omnichannel Messaging Platform to smoothly share information with various apps. Beyond enabling chats via your messaging channels, it allows you to fully utilize the efficiencies and opportunities that messaging has to offer, making tasks like signing up for trials or filling out forms in your customer's preferred messaging app possible.

This ensures your conversations are seamless, quick, and convenient, enhancing overall customer experience and streamlining workflows. Enjoy the benefits of integrated conversations and seamless customer data flows across platforms with the Convrs API.

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Integrate Convrs with your existing tech stack

Enable messaging integrations to experience smooth communication and synchronized data flow across platforms, promoting efficiency and informed decision-making. The Convrs Omnichannel Messaging Platform acts as the central hub, connecting your systems and providing a holistic view of your operations for a more streamlined and connected business experience.

Don’t see the platform you wish to integrate Convrs with? Feel free to reach out.

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The Convrs API is a simple and secure JSON API

This enables you to interact with the Convrs Omnichannel Messaging Platform and connect it and your messaging channels with your existing systems such as CRMs or Customer Relationship Management software.

The API can easily be enabled and real-time events or functions can be delivered by:

  • Websockets

  • Webhooks

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Integrate your messaging with preferred platforms in no time

How it works
Convrs API - working with CRM software
1Identify your CRM software or system

Our team will confirm the processes required for integrating the Convrs Omnichannel Messaging Platform into your chosen software or system.

Convrs API - use it with your IT team
2Team Convrs to guide your IT team

Our team of experts will provide the proper API documentation and all the necessary files to aid your team for the integration.

Convrs API - complete your integration
3Completion of integration

Once instructions are completed, you now get to enjoy seamless data integration across platforms.

Enable cross-platform integrations with Convrs. Start simplifying, automating, and optimizing your workflows today.

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