Meta Conversations 2024: Key WhatsApp Business Updates

WhatsApp | June 10, 2024
Meta Conversations 2024: WhatsApp Business Messaging Updates You Need to Know

Messaging Apps have become the preferred mode of communication for both individuals and businesses. Meta, understanding this, has been actively innovating their messaging platforms to better serve the needs of businesses and customers. Meta Conversations 2024, an annual conference bringing together industry leaders, innovators, and enthusiasts to discuss the latest trends and developments in messaging, was held in Sao Paulo on June 6, 2024, showcased many updates and features aimed at empowering businesses on WhatsApp. In this post, we’ll delve into the key highlights and takeaways from the event.

Calling Larger Businesses

Meta introduces new calling capabilities on WhatsApp that lets customers initiate calls with larger businesses directly within the app. This ensures seamless communication and efficient problem-solving in situations such as resolving complex queries.

This feature is currently being tested with select larger businesses on the WhatsApp Business App. Meta plans to expand this capability to more business in the coming months and eventually make it available on the WhatsApp Business Platform, though this broader roll-out timeline remains indefinite.

Meta Conversations 2024 showcases the feature to call larger sized businesses on WhatsApp

WhatsApp Group Chats

Businesses will soon be able to create group chats on WhatsApp with customers, allowing multiple users to interact with a business in a single conversation thread. This will enable businesses to keep multiple stakeholders in the loop, facilitating more efficient communication and allowing for the following benefits:

  • Coordinating with teams
  • Managing community engagement
  • Handling group-based promotions or events

As this is still in the early stages of exploration, businesses can anticipate more details to be shared as they become available.

Meta Conversations 2024 showcases the WhatsApp Group Chats feature

WhatsApp Flows

Meta is expanding the WhatsApp Flows feature with additional functionalities to streamline business communications even more. Now offering enhanced components like calendar pickers and media uploads, WhatsApp Flows makes it easier for businesses to manage interactions and transactions (such as appointment bookings) within the messaging app.

Meta Conversations 2024 showcases the WhatsApp Flows feature

Meta Verification

Meta Verified is a subscription offering that will now be available on WhatsApp in select markets. This aims to enhance the credibility of businesses by providing them with a badge, impersonation protection, and other premium features. With Meta Verified, businesses can achieve sustained success in the competitive digital marketplace, fostering stronger relationships and brand loyalty.

  1. The Blue Badge
  2. The Meta Verified blue badge is set to become a symbol of trust on WhatsApp, signifying that a business has been vetted and verified by Meta. This boosts customer confidence and foster stronger relationships.

  3. Roll out Details
  4. Initially available for small businesses in Brazil, India, Indonesia, and Colombia, Meta Verified will eventually expand to larger businesses using the WhatsApp Business Platform.

  5. Transitioning from the WhatsApp Green Tick
  6. Businesses that currently have the green tick on WhatsApp will automatically be upgraded to the Meta Verified blue badge.

  7. Priority Support and Premium Features
  8. Meta Verified businesses will enjoy premium benefits such as priority support from Meta’s customer service team, helping them solve issues swiftly and maintaining operational efficiency. Additionally, these businesses will have access to a searchable webpage profile on WhatsApp, enhancing discoverability and providing an easy way for customers to find and engage with them.

To learn more about Meta Verification, read our blog post How to Get Meta Verified now.

Meta Conversations 2024 showcases the Meta Verified Badge for WhatsApp Business

AI-Powered Assistance for Businesses

One of Meta Conversations 2024’s most significant announcements were the introduction of Meta AI for WhatsApp Business. Meta is leveraging artificial intelligence to:

  • Respond to customer inquiries promptly and efficiently
  • Meta AI can swiftly comprehend and address a wide range of customer queries. With query response automation, businesses ensure round-the-clock availability and deliver exceptional customer service with efficiency.

  • Get real-time assistance in creating ads on Facebook and Instagram
  • Meta AI leverages data analytics and predictive modeling to suggest personalized ad content tailored to the target audience’s preferences, this makes it possible for businesses to maximize the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns and drive tangible results.

  • Personalize responses to customer queries within WhatsApp chats
  • Meta AI allows for personalized responses to customer queries within WhatsApp, delivering tailored solutions and recommendations based on individual preferences and past interactions. This ensures that each customer receives a personalized and meaningful experience and that the business delivers relevant and timely responses.

By using AI-Powered tools, businesses can enhance and streamline their operations and customer engagement.

Meta Conversations 2024 showcases the Meta AI feature on WhatsApp

Updated Message Templates

Meta has introduced updated message templates on the WhatsApp Business platform to further support businesses in their customer interactions. Designed to simplify and streamline communication, Meta has provided businesses with pre-defined formats for common business interactions. Businesses can customize templates to suit their specific needs, allowing for a personalized touch while still being efficient. These templates are also easy to implement, making it simpler for businesses to adopt and integrate them into regular communication workflows.


Meta remains committed to redefining the way businesses connect and communicate with their customers on WhatsApp, empowering businesses to thrive with innovative features, AI-driven solutions, and more.

To learn more about Meta Conversations 2024’s announcements, check out their short article. Want more insights on how to use WhatsApp for your business? Check out our blogs or book a free, no-commitment demo with Convrs!

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