Leverage the Power of Viber for Your Business

Stay at the top of your game and be a top-of-mind brand for your customers by maximizing the rich features of Viber for business. With Viber, you can easily connect with your customers through messaging as well as take advantage of powerful tools such as chatbots, integrations, and analytics to streamline your communication and improve customer engagement.

Viber for Business, creating unforgettable brand experiences

Draw rich business results from rich customer experiences

Utilize Viber as one of your messaging channels for smarter and better Customer Service, Sales, and Marketing processes and results.
1One of the top messaging apps

Viber is in the top 5 most popular messaging apps in the world. It has 820 million monthly active users. Most of its users are concentrated in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. Viber is extremely popular in Ukraine, the Philippines, and Myanmar.

2Rich functionalities

Viber offers a myriad of rich features businesses can use for establishing a distinct and memorable brand conversational experience. Some of these features are multimedia file sharing, and highly interactive elements like quick replies, product cards, carousels, and surveys.

3Safe and secure

Viber does not have access to nor store messages or files once they have been delivered. End-to-end encryption is also used by default. Viber applies security measures to protect all data including being fully compliant with GDPR and other data protection laws.

Scale your business communications for wider reach and sustained brand presence

With your Viber Business Account connected to the Convrs Omnichannel Platform, you can easily facilitate the send-outs of messages and conveniently manage inbound ones as well with the Omnichannel Inbox. With a Convrs Viber Chatbot, you can converse with contacts in a personal manner with 1-to-1 messaging, and send messages to many with broadcast messaging.

In Viber, messages sent via chatbot are called chatbot-initiated messages, while messages initiated by users are called chatbot-session messages. To protect users from spamming, Viber requires that a user message the business first for the business to be able to send messages to the customer.

  • Broadcast a message to unlimited contacts Viber allows businesses to send messages to as many contacts as it wants and with 10,000 chatbot-initiated messages monthly for free. If a business wants to send more than this number per month, it will be charged on a cost-per-message delivered basis according to Viber’s Chatbot Commercial Model.

  • Chatbot-session messages have a free 24-hr messaging window If a customer messages the business first, it falls under chatbot-session messages. Exchanges within 24 hours from the first message will be free. Outside of this, a message from the business will be opened as a chatbot-initiated message.
An automated message delivered by a Viber chatbot, triggerred by a user's action

Deliver quick, smart, and reliable customer service

Automate answers to frequently asked questions, access to customer-specific information, quick processes, and so much more with live chat through Viber. With Convrs, you can set deep custom flows to your Viber chatbots to provide support instantly and enable self-service for your customers leading to a boost in customer satisfaction. With smart automation, you can speed up support turnaround times, complement the work of your agents, and save up costs, all while empowering both your customers and your team.

Viber also supports the exchange of images, videos, and files, making it convenient for agents and customers to share requirements and necessary documentation without leaving the conversation. In Viber, data security is also assured with Secure Forms that enable businesses to share PII information in a PCI-compliant environment.

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A Viber chatbot's welcome message featuring a brand image and a customer support menu

Enable smart automation for lead generation and qualification

Have you lost lead generation opportunities countless times due to missed messages and not-so-quick replies? Never again. Let your Convrs Viber Chatbot cover for you all day round. With Convrs, you can set conversational flows to automate data capture, lead qualification, and the integration of customer information into your internal system or CRM, setting up the sales cycle for quick follow-throughs!

Apart from automation, you can also make it easier for customers to do business with you by enabling them to purchase your products in-app. With Viber for business, product plugs and menus can be integrated into your message flows for a smooth and easy path to purchase for your customers!

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A Viber chatbot's conversation with a customer showing a webinar sign-up self-service and automated data capture flow

Engage customers with a rich conversational experience and personalized communications

One of the keys to effective engagement is identifying audience segments and personalizing content accordingly. Send relevant content, timely reminders, exclusive offers, time-sensitive information, and more to keep your brand in your customers’ minds, fuel engagement, and elicit action. And as Viber says: “grow your relationship with every single chat.”

With Viber, you can set up flows with rich functions such as quick replies, interactive cards and carousels, surveys, and more. You can also customize your Viber Keyboard through Convrs and the Viber Chatbot API. And these are just among the countless ways you can create a distinct conversational brand experience for your customers!

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A personalized message from a Viber chatbot greeting a customer on their birthday and sharing a free e-book

Tools to power up Viber for business

Maximize Viber as a messaging channel for Customer Support, Sales, and Marketing with smart tools from Convrs
Omnichannel Live Chat
Allow your customers to easily and readily reach you via instant messaging or live chat on Viber, other popular messaging apps, web chat, and SMS.
Omnichannel Inbox
Manage all messages from Viber and the rest of your messaging channels in just one unified inbox.
Flow Builder
Set custom flows to your chatbots to automate lead generation, qualification, agent introduction, push notification, answering FAQs, and more.
Push Messaging
Automate, schedule, and publish content to a massive audience on your messaging app of choice for brand presence and engagement.

Integrate seamlessly with your internal system and CRM

Enjoy in-sync data across systems and messaging channels with the Convrs API
Viber, connecting people to business by messaging

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