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WhatsApp, Marketing | May 28, 2024
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It is a well-known fact in an age where most everything is online, businesses are continuously seeking ways to enhance their online presence and foster trust among their customers, especially with messaging apps. One significant company that businesses are well familiar with is Meta, the parent company of major platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook and Facebook Messenger, and Instagram. This guide will delve into the process of Meta Verification and being a WhatsApp Official Business Account, offering businesses insights into the process and unveiling the benefits of being Meta Verified brings to the table.

Meta Verification on WhatsApp

What is Meta Verification?

Meta Business Verification is a process provided by Meta that enables businesses to authenticate the legitimacy of businesses and grant access to enhanced features in the WhatsApp Business API.

What is the difference between non-Meta verified accounts and Meta Verified accounts?

Non-meta verified accounts have the following features in their arsenal:

  • Unlimited customer-initiated conversations within a 24-hour window
  • Send messages to 250 unique customers in a rolling 24-hour period
  • Register up to two (2) phone numbers, which can both be assigned to 1 WhatsApp Business Account or split between 2 WhatsApp Business Accounts

Meanwhile, Meta verified accounts come with additional premium features such as:

  • Available messaging limits (1K, 10K, 100K, unlimited unique customers per 24 hours)
  • Register more than two (2) phone numbers
  • Apply to become an Official Business Account
  • Eligibility for a verified badge that lets customers know they’re talking to the right business
  • Can add up to 20 phone numbers per verified Meta Business Manager

While having a Meta Business Manager account is required to create a WhatsApp Business API account, verification of the business is optional but beneficial. Verified businesses gain access to additional features and higher usage limits.

How are businesses eligible for Meta Verification?

The primary prerequisite for Meta Verification is a business account. Businesses must complete their business information in the Meta Business Manager settings. Required information can include the following:

  • Legal Business Name
  • Business Address
  • Phone Number
  • Website

Step-by-Step Guide to Being Meta Verified

  1. Creating a Business Account
  2. To be Meta Verified, a business account is required. The following are steps to creating a business account:

    • Go to
    • Click Create account.
    • Enter a name for your business, your name and work email address and click Next.
    • Enter your business details and click Submit.
  3. Meta Business Verification Process
  4. To access the additional premium features of Meta Verified WhatsApp Business Accounts, proceed with the following steps:

    • Access Business Verification in Meta Business Suite at Settings (cog wheel icon) → Business Settings → Security Center.
      • If the Start Verification button is not visible, add your WhatsApp Business API number first. The button should be enabled on your Security Settings after going through the setup process with WhatsApp.
  5. Provide business details, including Legal Business Name, Business Address, Phone Number, and Website.
    • Ensure that the website is accessible anywhere and does not redirect to another domain.
    • Ensure the domain name, header/footer, and logo are as consistent as possible.
  6. Confirm details and upload necessary documents specified on the screen. Refer to Meta's list of required documents.
  7. Choose a contact method for confirmation (email, phone, or domain verification). If opting for domain verification, complete it first. Email verification requires a matching domain, and phone verification involves uploading a confirming document.
    • Email: Receive a code in your business email.
    • Phone: Confirm via a call with a code and upload a utility bill.
    • Text: Confirm through a text code and upload a utility bill.
  8. Click Done once complete.

Meta may take several days to review documents. Status can be checked by going to the Security Center. Once verified, businesses are eligible to become a WhatsApp Official Business Account and attain the ‘Green Check’.

Becoming a WhatsApp Official Business Account

How to Get the Green Check on WhatsApp
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To obtain the WhatsApp Official Business Account badge or the 'Green Check’, businesses are eligible if they have the following:

  • A Meta Business Account
  • Meet minimum eligibility requirements, such as account tenure
  • Be located in a country where Meta Verified for business is available
  • Not exceed the maximum number of people with full control of the account
  • Business Assets

To learn more about eligibility requirements, you may refer to Meta's page on Eligibility requirements for Meta Verified business subscriptions.

The process to obtaining Official Business Account on WhatsApp or the ‘Green Check’ is as follows:

  • Access the Meta Business Manager and navigate to the WhatsApp Manager, click the Overview section.
  • Under the Account Tools section, you will find the Phone Number section. Enable Two-step verification by going to the Profile tab.
  • Last step is to go to the Submit Request tab, where you can fill in required information such as:
    • Supporting links
    • Name of parent brand or business
    • Country and language
    • Any additional criteria

Once complete, businesses will receive a message telling them if they are approved for WhatsApp Official Business Account and the ‘Green Check’.

Best Practices for Meta Verified Business Accounts

Optimizing Business Profile Information

A complete and accurate business profile is the cornerstone of a robust online presence, providing users with essential information but also instilling confidence and trust in the brand.

Make sure to select a distinctive profile picture and a memorable business name, contributing to the establishment of a recognizable brand identity, aiding in the verification process.

Engaging with the WhatsApp Community as a Meta Verified Business Account

Once the business has been verified, it is important for businesses to remember the following best practices when engaging with their audience:

  • Respond promptly to customer inquiries: Active and prompt engagement showcases good customer service, reliability, and commitment. The WhatsApp Business Platform (API) allows for this with features such as quick replies and AI Chatbots.
  • Engage with the audience and share important information:With the WhatsApp Business Platform (API), businesses can leverage bulk messages through WhatsApp Campaigns to reach a wide audience simultaneously.
  • Encourage customers to participate: Utilize the WhatsApp Business Platform (API)’s interactive buttons, letting customers engage with a business’ messages.
  • Tailor the customer journey: With custom message flows, businesses can facilitate automated messages triggered at essential customer journey milestones such as personalized campaigns, new customer onboarding, abandoned cart recovery, and event reminders.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Meta Verification

Is the WhatsApp Green Check free?

Currently, obtaining the WhatsApp Green Check is for free.

Is Meta Business Verification different from obtaining the WhatsApp Green Check?

Yes, it is a separate process, the former making businesses eligible to apply for a WhatsApp Official Business Account badge (WhatsApp Green Check).

Does getting the Green Check on WhatsApp mean that you are also already an official business account?

Yes, getting a Green Check is received upon getting approved as a WhatsApp Official Business Account.


Trust is paramount in an age where communication is mostly online. Meta Verification on WhatsApp is a strategic imperative for businesses looking to stand out and thrive in the populous online marketplace.

By using this step-by-step guide and optimizing their business profiles, companies can enhance their credibility, benefit from heightened visibility and engagement within the WhatsApp community and leverage advanced features with the WhatsApp Business Platform (API). Being Meta Verified can help businesses’ sustained success in the competitive digital marketplace.

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