Deliver only excellent customer service with WhatsApp

Harness the power of WhatsApp as a customer support channel for a more efficient and cost-effective customer service

Harness whatsapp for customer service and support

Make every second, every response, and every interaction count

Take advantage of the WhatsApp Business API's innovative features to speed up your customer service while pulling down costs.
Whatsapp Customer service and support handle every responce
1Reduce turnaround times

Provide customer support in an instant by making answers to frequently asked questions available outright through your chatbot on WhatsApp and increase efficiency by automating smart message routing.

Whatsapp Customer service and support reduce turnaround times
2Keep customers close

Make it easy for customers to get in touch with you by being available via WhatsApp chat and easily reach them too with broadcast messages sent through the word’s favorite messaging app.

Whatsapp Customer service and support keeping customers close
3Deliver care round the clock

Open up your customer service help desk 24/7 with minimal to no live agent supervision by setting automated conversational flows.

Keep your customers updated with automated push notifications

With notifications turned on, you can keep customers in the loop at every stage of their customer journey. Whether it be an update on a customer’s application processing, order delivery status, product exchange request, and more, notifications can be sent automatically via WhatsApp through the Convrs Omnichannel Platform integrated into your internal system.

Whatsapp push notifications

Enable self-service with interactive custom message flows

Through the WhatsApp Business API, custom flows and smart logic blocks can be set to automate deep and complex conversations and business processes. This innovation allows self-service and instant support without being dependent on the presence of a live agent.

Whatsapp self-service customer support

Broadcast advisories, reminders, and messages in bulk

Send timely messages to unlimited users using bulk lists, all in one go. Though a very useful feature for information dissemination, it is best to utilize too for eliciting insightful customer feedback on products and services.

Whatsapp bulk messages

Amplify WhatsApp’s benefits with Convrs

Maximize WhatsApp Business for customer service and more with these smart tools from Convrs
WhatsApp Business API
Unlock all the features of WhatsApp Business and enjoy in-sync data across systems with the WhatsApp Business API from Convrs.
Omnichannel Live Chat
Allow your customers to easily and readily reach you via instant messaging or live chat on WhatsApp, other popular messaging apps, web chat, and SMS.
Omnichannel Inbox
Manage all messages from WhatsApp and the rest of your messaging channels in just one unified inbox.
Flow Builder
Set custom flows to your chatbots to automate lead generation, qualification, agent introduction, push notification, answering FAQs, and more.

Integrate seamlessly with your internal system and CRM

Enjoy in-sync data across systems with the WhatsApp Business API connected to the Convrs Omnichannel Platform
Linking whatsapp to your CRM

Set excellent customer service standards with WhatsApp Business

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