Boost your sales with WhatsApp's game-changing capabilities

Utilize all of what WhatsApp has to offer to enhance lead generation, unlock new sales opportunities, and drive conversions like never before

Using Whatsapp to improve your sales and generate leads

Drive continuous customer growth and retention with WhatsApp for Sales

Unlock the full potential of the WhatsApp Business API to maximize your sales opportunities and achieve higher conversion rates
Whatsapp gain and retain customers
1Expand your customer reach

Tap into WhatsApp's vast network of 2 billion monthly active global users and leverage its impressive up to 60% conversion rate to connect with a broader customer base.

Broaden your customer base using whatsapp
2Streamline the path to purchase

Simplify the buying process for your customers by showcasing your products and services through WhatsApp's convenient product catalogs, making it easier for them to browse and make purchases.

Whatsapp make the purchasing path easier
3Boost sales conversions

Re-engage customers, reduce cart abandonment, minimize sign-up drop-offs, and increase revenue through effective cross-selling and upselling strategies using WhatsApp's powerful features.

Proactively engage customers with outbound messaging

Take control of your sales process by proactively reaching out to customers with outbound messaging. With WhatsApp for Sales, you can initiate conversations and nurture leads by sending personalized messages and offers directly to your target audience. Whether it's following up on inquiries, offering product recommendations, or providing exclusive incentives, leverage outbound messaging to establish meaningful connections, build customer relationships, and drive sales. With proactive outreach, you can stay top-of-mind with your customers and increase the likelihood of conversions.

Using WhatsApp for outbound sales

Drive customer engagement and conversions with powerful broadcast messaging

Utilize the WhatsApp Business API to send targeted promotional messages to an unlimited number of users who have opted-in to receive notifications from your brand. From sharing exclusive offers and discounts to providing updates on new products and launches, leverage broadcast messaging to capture your audience's attention and motivate them to take action.

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Whatsapp sales broadcast messages

Enhance product visibility with in-app catalogs

Deliver a seamless shopping experience to your customers by showcasing your products directly within WhatsApp. By setting up an in-app catalog, you can provide easy access to your offerings, allowing customers to browse and make purchases without leaving the messaging app. Streamline the path to purchase and increase sales by providing a convenient and friction-free shopping experience.

Whatsapp in-app catalogs

Tear down sales barriers with delivering timely customer support

Bridge the gap between customer inquiries and sales by leveraging the power of the WhatsApp Business API and the Convrs Omnichannel Platform. Set up a chatbot with automated conversational flows that can instantly address frequently asked questions and provide 24/7 support. By proactively addressing customer concerns and hesitations, you can boost sales conversions without solely relying on live agents, effectively removing barriers to purchase.

Whatsapp reduce barriers for customer support

Boost sales opportunities through automated messaging

Utilize the power of automated messaging and push notifications enabled by the Convrs WhatsApp Business API to drive customers towards completing their purchases. Remind customers who have abandoned their shopping carts, or dropped off from sign-up forms to re-engage with your brand and continue their sales journey. Take it a step further by incorporating personalized cross-selling and upselling recommendations in automated customer journey notifications, maximizing the potential for increased sales and revenue. With targeted and timely messaging, you can effectively encourage customers to make additional purchases and enhance the overall customer experience.

WHatsapp increased sales vua push notifications

Amplify WhatsApp’s benefits with Convrs

Maximize the WhatsApp for your sales strategy and more with these smart tools from Convrs
WhatsApp Business API
Unlock all the features of WhatsApp Business and enjoy in-sync data across systems with the WhatsApp Business API from Convrs.
Omnichannel Live Chat
Allow your customers to easily and readily reach you via instant messaging or live chat on WhatsApp, other popular messaging apps, web chat, and SMS.
Omnichannel Inbox
Manage all messages from WhatsApp and the rest of your messaging channels in just one unified inbox.
Flow Builder
Set custom flows to your chatbots to automate lead generation, qualification, agent introduction, push notification, answering FAQs, and more.

Integrate seamlessly with your internal system and CRM

Enjoy in-sync data across systems with the WhatsApp Business API connected to the Convrs Omnichannel Messaging Platform
Whatsapp sales linking to CRM

Do more with WhatsApp

Explore more of what WhatsApp can do for your business beyond Marketing
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