WhatsApp Business Platform (API) Solutions for Sales

Leverage the full spectrum of WhatsApp's functionalities to elevate lead generation and qualification, unlock new sales opportunities, and drive conversions like never before

Using Whatsapp to improve your sales and generate leads

Fuel continuous growth and retention with WhatsApp for Sales

Unleash the untapped potential of the WhatsApp Business Platform (API) to amplify your sales opportunities and attain superior conversions
Whatsapp gain and retain customers
1Expand your customer reach

Launch WhatsApp Campaigns to tap into WhatsApp's vast network of 2.7 billion monthly active global users and leverage its impressive conversion rate of up to 60%. This strategy allows you to connect with a broader customer base, fostering increased brand visibility and engagement.

Broaden your customer base using whatsapp
2Streamline the path to purchase

Simplify the buying process for your customers by presenting your products and services through WhatsApp's convenient product catalogs and leveraging the power of WhatsApp chatbots. The catalogs make it easier for customers to browse and make purchases, while the chatbots assist customers at every step, facilitating guided transactions.

Whatsapp make the purchasing path easier
3Boost sales conversions

Re-engage customers, minimize cart abandonment, reduce sign-up drop-offs, and amplify revenue through effective cross-selling and upselling strategies with sales automation utilizing the robust features of the WhatsApp Business Platform (API). By enabling WhatsApp automation, you can enhance the customer journey, build stronger connections, and increase conversions with targeted and personalized communication.

Reach customers with proactive outbound messaging

Initiate impactful conversations and foster meaningful connections with proactive engagement through WhatsApp messaging. Utilizing the capabilities of the WhatsApp Business Platform (API), take control of your sales process by reaching out to your target audience with personalized messages and exclusive offers, all without the need for them to initiate contact.

Whether you're following up on inquiries, suggesting product recommendations, or providing exclusive incentives, leverage proactive outbound messaging to build strong customer relationships and drive sales. This strategy, leveraging WhatsApp for sales, ensures that your brand stays top-of-mind, increasing the likelihood of conversions and creating lasting customer engagement.

Using WhatsApp for outbound sales

Maximize brand reach and boost lead qualification with WhatsApp bulk messaging

Unlock the full potential of your sales strategy by harnessing the capabilities of the WhatsApp Business Platform (API) with Convrs as your dedicated WhatsApp bulk message sender. Beyond broadening your brand's reach, now efficiently qualify leads using interactive messages. Prompt your audience with engaging quick replies to confirm interest, ensuring that your communication is not just extensive but also purposeful. Seamlessly share exclusive offers, deliver enticing discounts, and announce new products or launches to a wide, opted-in audience. Leverage the dynamic features of WhatsApp bulk messaging to captivate your audience, compelling them to take decisive actions that boost engagement and conversions.

Explore the versatile applicationsof WhatsApp bulk messaging accross diverse use cases:
WhatsApp for Marketing
WhatsApp for Customer Service

Whatsapp sales broadcast messages

Optimize sales with WhatsApp in-app catalogs

Transform your customers' shopping experience by maximizing product visibility through in-app catalogs on WhatsApp. Elevate your offerings by showcasing them directly within the messaging app, providing a seamless and immersive browsing experience.

With the convenience of an in-app catalog, your customers can effortlessly access and explore your products without leaving the messaging app. This streamlined approach not only enhances their journey but also simplifies the path to purchase. Now, making a purchase is just a few taps away, promoting efficiency and increasing the likelihood of sales.

Whatsapp in-app catalogs

Tear down sales barriers by delivering timely customer support with WhatsApp chatbots

Bridge the gap between customer inquiries and sales with the WhatsApp Business Platform (API) enabled through the Convrs Omnichannel Messaging Platform. Integrate WhatsApp chatbots into your strategy, equipped with automated conversational flows to instantly address frequently asked questions and provide round-the-clock support. This proactive approach ensures timely assistance, also serving as a powerful tool to boost sales conversions.

By proactively addressing customer concerns and hesitations through automated responses from WhatsApp automation, your WhatsApp chatbot becomes an invaluable asset in removing barriers to purchase. Now, you don't have to rely solely on the efforts of live agents, as your AI chatbot efficiently guides customers through the sales process. Elevate your customer support game, enhance sales, and create a seamless purchasing experience that delights your audience.

Whatsapp reduce barriers for customer support

Boost sales opportunities through Whatsapp automation

Leverage the efficiency of WhatsApp automation, powered by the Convrs WhatsApp Business Platform (API), to guide customers through their purchasing journey seamlessly. Enable sales automation – automatically re-engage with customers who have abandoned their shopping carts or left sign-up forms, urging them to reconnect with your brand and resume their sales journey. Elevate this process by integrating personalized cross-selling and upselling recommendations into automated customer journey notifications, unlocking the potential for increased sales and revenue.

With seamless CRM integration, automate WhatsApp interactions based on set triggers, ensuring that your messages are precisely targeted and timely. This not only encourages customers to make additional purchases but also enhances the overall customer experience. It's a smart approach to drive sales, foster customer satisfaction, and create a more personalized connection with your audience.

Whatsapp increased sales via push notifications

Amplify the impact of WhatsApp for sales with Convrs

Maximize the WhatsApp Business Platform (API) for your sales strategy and more with these smart tools from Convrs
WhatsApp Business API
Unlock advanced features of WhatsApp for your business and enjoy in-sync data across systems with the WhatsApp Business Platform (API) from Convrs.
Omnichannel Live Chat
Allow your customers to easily and readily reach you via instant messaging or live chat on WhatsApp, other popular messaging apps, web chat, and SMS.
Omnichannel Inbox
Manage all messages from WhatsApp and the rest of your messaging channels in just one centralized inbox.
Flow Builder
Set custom flows to your WhatsApp chatbots to automate lead generation, qualification, agent introduction, push notification, answering FAQs, and more.

Seamlessly integrate WhatsApp messaging with your CRM and internal system

Enjoy in-sync data across systems with the Convrs Omnichannel Messaging Platform and the WhatsApp Business Platform (API) connected to your existing tech stack
WhatsApp API sales linking to CRM

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Create more sales opportunities and increase conversions by leveraging the power of WhatsApp for sales

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