Convrs and FYNXT Announce Partnership to Enhance Customer Experiences in the Financial Services Industry

Forex | June 5, 2023
Convrs and FYNXT partnership enhance customer experiences in the Financial Services industry.

Convrs, a leading provider of omnichannel messaging and customer engagement solutions, is thrilled to announce its strategic partnership with FYNXT, a Singapore-based fintech revolutionizing financial services with its NXT-Gen Digital Front Office. This collaboration brings together both companies' expertise and innovative technologies, opening new possibilities in customer engagement for brokers and financial intermediaries worldwide.

FYNXT's cutting-edge offerings, including the IB manager, Next-Gen Managed Accounts, and Contest Manager Portal, perfectly complement Convrs' customer engagement platform. By integrating Convrs' messaging app capabilities with FYNXT's powerful tools, brokers and financial institutions can unlock a new level of customer engagement and experience that ultimately drives satisfaction.

The FYNXT IB Portal empowers Introducing Brokers (IBs) with real-time visibility into daily transactions, deposits, volumes, and rebates from direct clients or clients of sub-IBs. This enhanced transparency fosters trust between brokers and IBs, establishing a mutually beneficial relationship. And FYNXT's dedication to the FX/CFD market is exemplified exactly through this – their commitment to maximizing profitability by increasing the global IB network, streamlining the calculation of multi-level rebate schemes, and providing customized rebate settlements. And with the integration of Convrs' technology, FYNXT's Managed Accounts platform enhances how brokers attract investors and fund managers, overcoming traditional PAMM/MAM limitations. Convrs' conversational experiences provide an intuitive platform for Fund Managers to showcase their expertise to potential investors. This integration enables brokers to attract more Fund Managers and Investors, facilitating meaningful connections between traders and those seeking experienced professionals to follow.

As part of the partnership, Convrs will leverage its expertise in the Forex/CFD or Financial Markets industry to serve as FYNXT's distribution partner. By helping expand FYNXT's reach, Convrs will introduce their omnichannel messaging and customer engagement solutions to its global audience, enabling financial institutions worldwide to enhance customer experiences and drive better engagement.

In a statement by the CEO of FYNXT, he expressed his excitement about the partnership, saying, “The synergy between FYNXT, a digital front office provider for multi-asset brokers, and Convrs, an omnichannel messaging and customer engagement solutions provider, is a perfect match that promises to enhance the overall customer experience. I am genuinely excited about the opportunities that lie ahead for both organizations as we join forces to unify customer experience and explore new avenues for growth. With Convrs as our trusted partner, we are well-positioned to capitalize on emerging market trends and meet the evolving needs of our customers.”

Convrs, established in 2019, has already gained recognition as the preferred partner for financial intermediaries seeking to engage clients through conversational experiences. With over 40 leading FX/CFD brokers already utilizing Convrs' technology, the company has established itself as a trusted and innovative solution provider in the financial services industry.

"We are proud to join forces with FYNXT and further enhance our customer engagement capabilities in the financial services sector with them," said Enis Mehmet, Co-Founder of Convrs. "Our messaging app integration enables brokers to connect with clients through their preferred communication channels. This paired with FYNXT’s powerful platform fuels the creation of meaningful and impactful interactions between traders and brokers."

The partnership between Convrs and FYNXT aims to take customer engagement in the financial services industry to a whole new level, empowering brokers and financial institutions with the tools they need to thrive in the modern era of personalized experiences. Clients and audiences can look forward to a seamless and immersive customer journey, fostering trust, transparency, and meaningful connections.


About Convrs:

Convrs is a provider of smart messaging solutions, leveraging the power of messaging apps, that empower businesses to engage customers effectively at every stage of the customer journey. Backed by more than 40 years of combined experience in the financial markets industry and a client base of over 40 financial institutions, Convrs delivers specialized solutions that drive breakthrough customer engagement and business results.

About FYNXT:

FYNXT is a Singapore-based ISO-Certified fintech that empowers FYNancial Services with its NXT-Gen Digital Front Office. FYNXT's Low Code & Modular Digital Front Office offers a configurable IB manager, Next-Gen Managed Accounts, and Contest Manager Portal, providing transparency, reporting, and marketing tools for brokers and other FIs.

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