Convrs and Broctagon team up to help Forex/CFD brokers achieve breakthrough customer engagement

Forex | June 9, 2023
Convrs and Broctagon team up to help Forex/CFD brokers achieve breakthrough customer engagement

Convrs, a leading provider of omnichannel messaging solutions for FX and CFD brokers has partnered with Broctagon Fintech Group, an award-winning multi-asset liquidity and technology provider.

The collaboration will enable FX brokers to seamlessly integrate with the Convrs omnichannel messaging platform through Broctagon’s AXIS FX CRM marketplace. With its IB-centric module at the core, the AXIS FX CRM offers a range of advanced affiliate tools, and the addition of Convrs' messaging solution is expected to enhance lead generation and client conversion performance.

Convrs' technology integrates messaging apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, Messenger, LINE, SMS, and Web Chat into the customer journey of companies, allowing them to meet their customers where they already are.

"With the proliferation of smart devices, traders are becoming increasingly mobile. That is why Broctagon’s AXIS FX CRM was designed to allow traders seamless management of all their trading accounts and affiliate campaigns in one powerful App, anytime, anywhere,” said Ted Quek, CTO & Co-Founder of Broctagon Fintech Group. "Now, coupled with the convenience that Convrs brings with an array of social messaging channels directly integrated within AXIS, FX brokers will find it even easier to engage traders, expand outreach, hasten sales conversion and reduce support turnaround time."

"Complementing the strong boost in customer management efficiency that Broctagon’s AXIS FX CRM enables for brokers, Convrs enables effective customer engagement by building a direct link between brokers and traders through popular messaging apps. This powerful fusion of technology allows brokers to achieve a whole new level of engagement, derived from innovation and responsive adaptation to customer preferences in the digital era," added Enis Mehmet, Co-Founder of Convrs.

Combining their expertise, Broctagon and Convrs enable brokers to engage with their clients using the channels they live by, providing a personalized customer engagement platform that will be an asset in today's fast-paced and competitive Forex/CFD industry. This partnership will undoubtedly transform the way FX brokers conduct their business, providing them with a competitive edge in an industry where customer engagement is paramount.


About Convrs

With a deep understanding of the role that communication plays in developing customer relationships and achieving business success, Convrs develops smart messaging solutions that enable businesses to engage customers effectively at every stage of the customer journey. Backed by more than 40 years of combined experience in the FX/CFD industry and a client base of over 40 forex companies, Convrs takes pride in delivering specialized solutions tailored to the needs of FX/CFD brokers. Learn more here.

About Broctagon

Broctagon Fintech Group is a multi-asset liquidity and technology provider specializing in performance-driven and bespoke solutions. The company combines traditional finance with new-age innovation to offer turnkey brokerage and digital exchange solutions, end-to-end blockchain services as well as multi-asset liquidity. The company serves clients across 50 countries with its liquidity aggregator technology, brokerage and exchange solutions, and enterprise blockchain development. Learn more here.

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