New Convrs AI Features Powered by ChatGPT-OpenAI

AI, Platform Updates | Dec 13, 2023
The two new Convrs AI Features powered by ChatGPT-OpenAI: Writing Assistant and Sentiment & Chat Summary.

We're thrilled to announce two cutting-edge AI features of the Convrs Omnichannel Messaging Platform, the AI Writing Assistant and AI Sentiment & Chat Summary, designed to offering smarter ways for your agents to communicate.

At the core of these innovations lies Conversational Intelligence, a breakthrough in artificial intelligence (AI) that empowers businesses to engage in more meaningful and effective conversations. This technology goes beyond simple messaging, integrating AI to comprehend, analyze, and respond to user inputs with remarkable accuracy. This technology is now available for all Convrs Platform users to activate, from agents to officers, to enhance messaging efficiency and chat management further!

Dive into this blog post to explore the functionality, benefits, how you can seamlessly integrate these AI features into your workflow and activate them now.

01 AI Writing Assistant

Compose and refine your messages easily with the AI Writing Assistant available in all your Active Chats. This feature is designed to assist agents in crafting messages that resonate with your audience.
Access the AI Writing Assistant in the Convrs Omnichannel Messaging Platform by clicking the lightning bolt icon on an active chat.

How to access

Type your message, then click on the lightning bolt icon to access the AI Writing Assistant window.

Shows the AI Writing Assistant offering smart editing tools that include technical corrections, approach variations, and tone adjustments.

Smart Editing Tools

Beyond grammar corrections, it also offers a suite of smart editing tools that caters to different messaging needs:

  • Technical Corrections - Ensure messages are free from spelling and grammar errors.
  • Approach Variations - Tailor messages with different approaches such as business and professional, persuasive selling, supportive and empathetic, or promotional.
  • Tone Adjustments - Fine-tune message tones to be positive and friendly, fun and casual, or warm and inviting.

Once happy with your message, Click 'Use Text' to apply your refined draft in your active conversation.

02 AI Sentiment & Chat Summary

Empower your team with the AI Sentiment Analysis & Chat Summary. Powered by Conversational Intelligence, this tool provides agents and officers instant overviews of closed chats, offering valuable insights into customer sentiments and conversation dynamics. Get quick insights into Closed Chats to monitor team performance and enhance customer experiences.

Access the AI Sentiment & Chat Summary in the Convrs Omnichannel Messaging Platform by clicking on the sentiment icon from the closed chats.

How to Activate

Click on the Sentiment Icon on conversations from the Closed Chats window to access the AI Sentiment & Chat Summary.

Shows the the AI Sentiment & Chat Summary window featuring a sentiment analysis, chat summary, and the message category or tags.

Assess Conversation Performance

Determine further actions needed, if any, and collate results for performance evaluation and reports.

  • Sentiment Analysis - Evaluate the overall sentiment of conversations - whether they are positive, neutral, or negative.
  • Chat Summary - Receive concise summaries of entire conversations, helping agents and officers quickly grasp key topics.
  • Message Categories/Tags - Identify the nature and main intent of each conversation.

How to Activate

Follow these simple steps to activate the AI Messaging Assistant and AI Sentiment & Chat Summary:

Shows the steps on how to activate the AI Writing Assistant and AI Sentiment & Chat Summary on the Convrs Dashboard.

  • On the Convrs Dashboard side menu, go to 'Administration' and click 'Organization Profile'.
  • Select 'Third Party Data Processors' and toggle on 'AI Writing Assistant' and 'AI Sentiment and Chat Summary'.
  • Click 'Save Changes,' and you're ready to experience the enhanced capabilities of AI in Convrs!

Embrace the future of messaging with Convrs AI features powered by ChatGPT by OpenAI. Elevate your conversations with Convrs!

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