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Cut through the noise with messaging apps

Did you know that consumers open messages they receive via messaging apps 35 times more than they do emails? With the continuing rise of the messaging apps’ user base, these are quickly becoming the customers’ preferred messaging channel even for contacting companies or brands. Take a better route — bypass the traffic jam of email highways by delivering personalized messaging straight to your customer's preferred messaging inbox.

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Share content from external partners and resources

Customers tend to consume mobile-first content and have a higher click rate if pushed in messaging apps than in traditional marketing channels. But for this to work, it is important to serve content that is highly relevant and valuable to your audience. Have an external source or partner in mind? The Convrs Omnichannel Platform will enable you to push published content from external sources. Up your content game by including relevant and timely content from industry experts into your mix.

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Schedule content broadcast or publish manually

Depending on the type of content and your purpose, you can automate push notification, set a schedule for content publishing, or just choose to broadcast a message at will. Enjoy a hassle-free and intuitive messaging experience with the Convrs Push Messaging publishing interface.

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Allow your customers to set their messaging preferences

At the digital age we are in, consumers demand more control in terms of the content they consume. With Push Messaging from Convrs, deliver a notable customer experience by giving them the freedom to choose what type of content they want to consume from your company, when they prefer to receive them, and which specific messaging channel they want you to reach them.

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Available messaging channels

Engage your customers through their favorite messaging apps
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Omnichannel Messaging

How it works

Get started in no time
Push Messaging Work
1Identify account preferences

Select your preferred messaging channels for feeding content and the types of content you want to push to customers.

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2Team Convrs to set up

Our team will set up your account and integrate your customer database in the Convrs Omnichannel Platform’s publisher.

Push Messaging Work
3Ready to publish content

Access the publisher from the dashboard and enjoy intuitive push notification and message publishing.

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