WhatsApp Broadcast Messaging: The Benefits and How to Get Started

Marketing | May 29, 2023
WhatsApp Broadcast Messaging, the benefits and how to get started using the WhatsApp API

WhatsApp has become one of the most popular messaging apps globally, with over 2 billion active users. Besides messaging friends and family, businesses have also adopted the app to reach customers. One feature that has become increasingly popular is WhatsApp Broadcast Messaging. In this blog post, we will discuss what WhatsApp Broadcast Messaging is and how companies can benefit from it.

What is WhatsApp Broadcast Messaging?

WhatsApp Broadcast Messaging is a feature that allows companies to send a message to thousands of recipients at once. Unlike group chats, recipients of the message do not see other recipients, and the message is delivered to each recipient individually. This feature makes it an efficient way to send bulk messages to customers without sacrificing personalization, enabling companies of all sizes to scale one-to-one conversations quickly.

The Benefits of WhatsApp Broadcast Messaging

  • Personalization

    Companies can add a personal touch to their messages by addressing the recipient by name. This feature can help make the message more engaging and increase the likelihood of the recipient reading the message. But beyond this, the company’s CRM can be synced into a business messaging platform like Convrs to make further personalization possible based on customer-unique information such as purchase history, event attendance, etc.

  • Quick and easy communication

    WhatsApp Broadcast Messaging is a quick and straightforward way to communicate with customers. Messages are delivered instantly, and companies can send messages to thousands of customers at once. This feature is especially useful for companies that need to send urgent messages or time-sensitive promotions.

  • Targeted messaging

    WhatsApp Broadcast Messaging allows businesses to create customer segments and send targeted messages. For example, a company can create a segment of customers who have previously bought a particular product and send them a message about an upcoming sale on that product. Targeted messaging can lead to higher engagement and conversion rates and increased sales.

  • Low-cost marketing

    WhatsApp Broadcast Messaging is a low-cost marketing strategy. Unlike traditional advertising, messaging entails lower costs (learn more about WhatsApps’ conversation-based pricing). With this, companies can run their messaging campaigns according to their budget and scale them as they grow. This makes WhatsApp Broadcast Messaging an accessible and attractive option for small and medium-sized companies that may have limited budgets for marketing.

  • Real-time feedback

    WhatsApp Broadcast Messaging allows companies to receive real-time feedback from customers. Companies can use this feedback to improve products and services, which can lead to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Highlighting the benifits of using WhatsApp Broadcast Messaging

How can you get started with WhatsApp Broadcast Messaging?

  • WhatsApp Business Account

    You will need to create a WhatsApp Business account to use the WhatsApp Business API. This account will allow companies to communicate with customers using WhatsApp.

  • WhatsApp Business API Provider

    You will then have to partner with a WhatsApp Business API provider like Convrs to connect your WhatsApp Business account to your company’s existing business systems and unlock WhatsApp’s features. Convrs’ Omnichannel Platform and WhatsApp Business API make smart tools available to help you manage messaging campaigns efficiently, automate messages or responses, and track metrics.

  • Customer Phone Numbers

    The next step is to prepare your customers’ phone numbers. This contact list will then be uploaded via your chosen business messaging partner’s platform. This step will enable you to send messages to your customers via WhatsApp.

  • Customer Segmentation

    Once the contact list has been uploaded, the next step is to tag the contacts based on your customer segmentation system, such as interests, demographics, or purchasing behavior. This step is crucial in enabling your company to send targeted messages to specific customer segments.

  • Message Content & Template Approval

    A message with content personalized based on specific target audiences and customer segmentation should now be created. This should be relevant and provide value to the customer, whether a promotion or a product update. Once the message template has been finalized, it is required to be submitted to the WhatsApp/Meta team for approval, from which the correct WhatsApp message category and pricing will also be confirmed. Both message template creation and submission can be made via the Convrs dashboard.

  • Broadcast Messaging

    Once Meta/WhatsApp has approved your message, you are now ready to send out messages in bulk!

How to get starting with WhatsApp Broadcast Messaging

Want to further maximize WhatsApp for your business? Unlock the full benefits of the WhatsApp Business API with Convrs

  • Broadcast Messaging

    Broadcast messages to unlimited users using approved template messages*

  • Template Message Approval

    Submit template messages for Meta’s approval, including sales and marketing ones, straight from the Convrs dashboard

  • Multiple Users & Devices

    Have multiple users on multiple devices under just one WhatsApp number

  • Interactive Message Flows

    Send highly engaging interactive messages with clickable buttons and rich media

  • Custom Chatbot Deployment

    Deploy different chatbots tailored to your business needs, powered by interactive messaging flows

  • CRM Integration

    Integrate WhatsApp messaging with your CRM through the Convrs API for in-sync data flows and efficient message management

WhatsApp Broadcast Messaging is a powerful tool that can help companies communicate with customers more efficiently and cost-effectively. Incorporating this into your marketing strategy can help your company reach more customers, increase engagement, and improve customer satisfaction. And by partnering with a WhatsApp Business API provider like Convrs, you can make this possible and take full advantage of the benefits offered by WhatsApp for businesses.

Interested in exploring further to find out if this is the right solution for you? To know more, visit our WhatsApp page or schedule a call with our team.

*Users pertain to those who have opted-in to receive messages from your brand

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