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Social Media | February 7, 2019
Social Media and Convrs

Take a moment to digest the title.

Yes. It’s 2019 and brokers, healthcare providers, and companies that really should know better are still stuck and insistent on having people call them.

Is it due to the mindset of “it’s not broken, so don’t fix it”? Is it due to the fact that change is hard? Well, sorry to burst your bubble – but if you are guilty of the above, then your communication procedures are broken, although you can (and in the next few years, will) change. The question is whether you want to lead or follow the pack.

Whether you actually see the likes of your Facebook page or Telegram channel as a “nice to have” or “it’s there but we really don’t do much with it”. With an estimated 2.7 billion users of social media, it should be fully leveraged to not only showcase your offering but more so as a tool to engage with users on their terms.

But you may say “we have a website already!”, true as it may be, the question then is “was the site designed or recently reviewed in terms of engaging visitors?”. Again you may answer “yes” but we would still be inclined to say that with the resources and data readily available, the likes of Facebook are likely doing a better job in terms of engagement.

Now let’s look at your target demographic both now and how you envision it to be in the next 2-5 years. Are they actively using social media? Are they likely to want to call you and wait to speak with someone? I assume you now know where we’re headed with this.

If the said target audience is already on your social channel or if you are leveraging the relatively cheaper ad impressions, take the steps needed to engage these individuals in the platform of their choice. Whether it’s using custom chatbots for answering FAQs, subscribing users to opt-in resources, and in turn sales funnels to then direct users to the right human on Facebook Messenger.

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