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Partnerships | February 8, 2022
Partnership between convrs and INFINOX

Leading in the new year is a new launch with INFINOX. Within the last year, their global client base has doubled and growth also means making sure that they have the right resources and infrastructure to support their team in the entire onboarding process.

Collaborating with Convrs means that their client’s real-time trading experience can now be matched with real-time conversations 24/7. From the traditional web chat, to WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, and LINE, their clients now have the ability to engage with them in the platform of their choice. With a number of messaging channels to choose from, flexibility and convenience are literally now at their fingertips.

The omnichannel live chat widget is easily accessible even on mobile.

A company that has a presence in over 15 countries, INFINOX built its brand rooted in integrity and trust. These values are still very much evident even in the bid to constantly improve their client support services. This means having safeguards in place, ensuring that conversations are securely stored, not just for compliance purposes, but also for continuity. Conversations can easily be picked up by both the support team and the client without the need to build context all over again.

Technology partnered with solid and much more meaningful customer service enables the brand to revolutionize and enhance the INFINOX trading experience.

For more information about the launch, you may read the press release here

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