I just want to be able to multitask

Messaging | July 21, 2019

I was having a catch up call today with a friend from the original CMC Markets team and as I am throwing around terms like chatbots AI, and NLP, he replied that he just likes the ability to multitask.

And you know what, he is 100% correct.

As opposed to looking at messaging, chatbots and AI, in terms of bells and whistles and need to have because your competitors offer them. Simply look at how you can help your customers by making their lives easier.

With that said – I’ve been on a call with National Grid for the past 23 minutes in a synchronous conversation that has tied me up unable to multitask (other than posting this).

Would have my experience been far better and time efficient with the option to have an asynchronous messaging conversation? 100% it would have.

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