A Guide for Creating a WhatsApp Message Template

Marketing | Aug 23, 2023
Sending a WhatsApp Broadcast Message to thousands of users worldwide through WhatsApp
Picture being able to reach over 1,000 users all at once with just one message.

WhatsApp Broadcast Messaging offers this unique ability, fostering meaningful and streamlined communication between individuals and businesses alike. This article serves as your guide, providing insights in crafting templates that establish not only communication but genuine connections. Whether you're a business aiming to amplify customer engagement or an individual honing your messaging strategy, Convrs is here to help you meet your customers where they are.

Key Takeaways

  • WhatsApp Broadcast Messaging enables reaching 1,000+ users simultaneously, fostering impactful communication for individuals and businesses.
  • Message templates provide standardized communication, ensuring clarity, adherence to policies, and personalization for high-volume interactions.
  • Convrs simplifies WhatsApp Broadcast Messaging templates submission in just 6 steps, allowing precise and efficient communication.
  • Adhere to best practices to avoid pitfalls, ensuring your messages are clear, respectful, compliant, and engage effectively.
  • Crafting compelling templates fosters authentic connections, enhancing engagement and customer relationships.


Messaging apps like WhatsApp have redefined engagement for both businesses and individuals. Understanding its features is essential for maximum utilization. With over a billion users, WhatsApp significantly impacts global conversations, bridging geographical gaps. WhatsApp Broadcast Messaging becomes crucial, enabling efficient communication with many recipients at once.

The heart of this lies in the message template – a format for standardized information delivery. This ensures clarity and policy compliance, relevant for high-volume communication by businesses, maintaining personalization.

Convrs empowers you to utilize WhatsApp's broadcast messaging effortlessly. Leveraging the WhatsApp Business API, targeted messages can effortlessly reach those who've opted for brand notifications.

WhatsApp Broadcast Messaging Template

Messaging a new number for the first time? You need a WhatsApp Message Template. These templates work for sending messages to numbers that haven't connected or replied to your business chat in 24 hours. After they reply, you have 24 hours to respond freely.

Implementing WhatsApp Messaging Templates with Convrs

With Convrs, the WhatsApp Broadcast Messaging Template submission process is simplified. This can be done within the Convrs dashboard with just 6 steps:

  1. Go to Bots > Show All Bots and look for the bot assigned to WhatsApp API. Click on Templates.
  2. Step 1 of creating a WhatsApp Broadcast Template through Convrs
  3. Press Add Template.
  4. Step 2 of creating a WhatsApp Broadcast Template through Convrs
  5. Make sure to input all necessary fields properly.
    • Template name should be in lowercase and use an underscore (_) when indicating a space.
    • Category should either be Marketing, Utility, or Authentication. To check which category your message falls under, click here.
    • Language should indicate the same language as the template message.
    Step 3 of creating a WhatsApp Broadcast Template through Convrs
  6. Input the template message.
    • Add a variable by inserting {{#}}, where # represents the variable index, starting at {{1}}.
      Note: Variables are like empty slots denoted as {{#}} in messages. They allow you to insert dynamic content. Adding specific details can customize information for your customers.
    • Place an asterisk on both sides of the text to make it bold
    • Place an underscore on both sides of the text to make it italic
    • Press the ‘Preview and Submit’ button once done.
    Step 4 of creating a WhatsApp Broadcast Template through Convrs
  7. Make sure to input example values before pressing Submit.
  8. Step 5 of creating a WhatsApp Broadcast Template through Convrs
  9. To verify template approval, simply navigate to the Bots section and access the Template Creation module. Please note that it can take Meta up to 24 hours to make an approval decision.
  10. Step 6 of creating a WhatsApp Broadcast Template through Convrs

Best Practices for Creating WhatsApp Templates


  • Be specific and clear: The cornerstone of an effective template is specificity and clarity. Leave no room for ambiguity.
  • Create context: Establish context to avoid any confusion and ensure your message's relevance is apparent.
  • Practice clear and organized template names: Follow formatting rules, the name of your message template can only consist of lowercase alphanumeric and underscores.
  • Choose appropriate category: Make sure your message falls under the right category to avoid rejections.

Preview of a WhatsApp Broadcast Message Template of a tech company announcing a sale
Variable Usage and Formatting:

The Message Template employs numbered placeholders {{x}} for every variable in the message. Each variable can be swapped with text that includes letters, numbers, special characters, or spaces. Here are some practices to consider:

  • Avoid starting or ending templates with variables
  • Maintain a logical sequence for variables
  • Ensure matched curly brackets for variables
  • Define all variable parameters completely

Content and Language:

  • Match defined and actual language: If chosen template language is in English, message must also be in English.
  • Check for grammar and spelling errors: Mistakes in spelling and grammar can trigger your messages to be flagged as spam or untrustworthy automatically.
  • Comply with WhatsApp’s policies: Message template should not contain any content that violates the WhatsApp Commerce Policy
  • Create unique, non-duplicate templates: Duplicate templates can lead to rejected templates.

Link and Submission:

  • Use complete URLs, not shortened ones: Using shortened links can hide where the link goes. Also, make sure the website domain in the link is only for your business.
  • Verify URL domains for consistency.

Avoiding Pitfalls and Rejections

Engage with your audience strategically to avert WhatsApp template pitfalls that could lead to unfavorable outcomes:

  • Avoid messages with threatening or abusive content
  • Avoid duplicate templates
  • Avoid SMS language – This includes abbreviated language and slang.
  • Avoid too many emojis
  • Do not ask for private information
  • Avoid prohibited services
  • Avoid contests or quizzes
  • Avoid generic templates
  • Avoid exceeding the number of allowed template messages – A template can be edited once per day, up to 10 times per month. You may create only 100 message templates per hour.

By adhering to these guidelines, you can create compelling WhatsApp templates that foster genuine connections and avoid complications. With Convrs, you're equipped to maximize the potential of WhatsApp Broadcast Messaging and engage your audience seamlessly.

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